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The Dynamic Epigenetic Landscape of the Retina During Development, Reprogramming, and Tumorigenesis
868 Beisi Xu May 03, 2017
Multimodal profiling of the transcriptional regulatory landscape of the developing mouse cortex identifies Neurog2 as a key epigenome remodeler
36 Boyan Bonev Jan 27, 2022
A Transcriptional Switch Governs Fibroblast Activation in Heart Disease
56 Pawel Przytycki Apr 08, 2021
Identifying non-genetic determinants of malignant clonal fitness at single cell resolution
271 Mark Dawson Nov 08, 2021
HOTTIP reinforces CTCF-defined TAD boundaries by forming R-loops to drive Wnt/b-catenin target gene expression in AML leukemogenesis
51 Suming Huang Feb 18, 2022
A single cell atlas of human glioma under therapy
113 Aaron Diaz Jul 05, 2022
Xist-seeded nucleation sites form local concentration gradients of silencing proteins to inactivate the X-chromosome
47 Kathrin Plath Oct 26, 2021
A critical requirement for IκBα in controlling dormancy in Hematopoietic stem cells via retinoic acid during embryonic development
20 Anna Bigas Apr 15, 2024
An Epigenetic Memory of Inflammation Induces Context-Dependent Lineage Plasticity in the Pancreas with Divergent Phenotypic Outcomes
115 Rohit Chandwani Oct 24, 2023
Transcriptomics, Regulatory Syntax, and Enhancer Identification in Heterogenous Populations of Mesoderm-Induced ESCs at Single-Cell Resolution
39 Vittorio Sartorelli Jul 31, 2022
Direct neuronal reprogramming of mouse astrocytes is associated with multiscale epigenome remodeling and requires Yy1
64 Boyan Bonev Apr 30, 2024
ETV6 Represses Inflammatory Response Genes and Regulates HSPC Function During Stress Hematopoiesis in Mice
27 Kim Nichols Aug 24, 2023
Enhanced STAT5a activation opposes Tox and rewires exhausted CD8 T cells towards a hybrid durable effector-like state during chronic stimulation
62 E JOHN WHERRY May 31, 2023
p53 dimers elicit unique tumor suppressive activities through an altered metabolic program
83 Yuan Qi Mar 01, 2023
Differential chromatin accessibility and transcriptional dynamics define breast cancer subtypes and their lineages
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2 Li Ding Aug 10, 2023
The long noncoding RNA Malat1 regulates CD8+ T cell differentiation by mediating epigenetic repression
28 John Chang May 17, 2022
Genome-wide interference of chromatin architecture and Mediator in transcriptional bursting and gene network regulation
250 Seolkyoung Jung Jun 30, 2024
Activation of endogenous retroviruses during brain development causes neuroinflammation
38 Johan Jakobsson Feb 24, 2021
Symmetric inheritance of parental histones governs epigenome maintenance and stem cell identity
388 Anja Groth Jun 15, 2023
germ cells
50 teissandier aurelie Jan 25, 2022