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The Dynamic Epigenetic Landscape of the Retina During Development, Reprogramming, and Tumorigenesis
868 Beisi Xu May 03, 2017
Histone 1 deficiency drives lymphomagenesis through disruption of 3D chromatin architecture
53 Matt Teater Sep 02, 2020
In vivo high-throughput screening of novel adeno-associated viral capsids identifies variants for transduction of adult neural stem cells within the subventricular zone
4 Ana Martin-Villalba Feb 13, 2020
Dynamic Regulation of Tfh Clonal Selection During the Germinal Center Reaction
30 Thiago Y Oliveira Mar 19, 2020
Single-Cell RNA-seq immune profile of normal and inflammed mouse skin
18 Jeffrey B Cheng Sep 26, 2020
MYC drives temporal evolution of small cell lung cancer subtypes by reprogramming neuroendocrine fate [SuperSeries]
38 Trudy Oliver May 28, 2020
Joint probabilistic modeling of paired transcriptome and proteome measurements in single cells [CITE-seq of mouse spleen and lymph nodes]
4 Zoë Steier May 15, 2020
Molecular tracking devices quantify antigen distribution and archiving in the lymph node.
8 Jay R. Hesselberth Apr 12, 2021
Checkpoint blockade induced CD8+ T cell differentiation in responders in head and neck cancers
30 Ravindra Uppaluri Dec 01, 2021
Activation of endogenous retroviruses during brain development causes neuroinflammation
38 Johan Jakobsson Feb 24, 2021
Symmetric inheritance of parental histones governs epigenome maintenance and stem cell identity
388 Anja Groth Jun 15, 2023
Multimodal profiling of the transcriptional regulatory landscape of the developing mouse cortex identifies Neurog2 as a key epigenome remodeler
36 Boyan Bonev Jan 27, 2022
A Transcriptional Switch Governs Fibroblast Activation in Heart Disease
56 Pawel Przytycki Apr 08, 2021
Intravenous Nanoparticle Vaccination Generates Stem-Like TCF1+ Neoantigen-Specific CD8 T Cells
12 Robert Seder Nov 02, 2020
Induction of antitumor activity of CD8+ T cells by inactivation of ATPIF1 through F1Fo-ATPase-mediated metabolic reprogramming
4 Genshen Zhong Sep 22, 2020
CNS-Native Myeloid Cells Drive Immune Suppression in the Brain Metastatic Niche through Cxcl10 [R10_PD-L1+VISTA treatment]
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3 Siyuan Zhang Oct 29, 2020
Identifying non-genetic determinants of malignant clonal fitness at single cell resolution
271 Mark Dawson Nov 08, 2021
germ cells
50 teissandier aurelie Jan 25, 2022
HOTTIP reinforces CTCF-defined TAD boundaries by forming R-loops to drive Wnt/b-catenin target gene expression in AML leukemogenesis
51 Suming Huang Feb 18, 2022
Spatial transcriptome analysis (Slide-seq2) of mouse main olfactory bulb
40 I-Hao Wang Jan 31, 2022