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Multimodal profiling reveals site-specific adaptation and tissue residency hallmarks of γδ T cells across organs in mice
21 Sagar - Nov 05, 2023
A primed immune transcriptional program is activated in oligodendroglia in multiple sclerosis
1185 Eneritz Agirre May 21, 2021
Cancer cell genetics shaping of the tumor microenvironment reveals myeloid cell-centric exploitable vulnerabilities in hepatocellular carcinoma.
64 Masami Ando-Kuri Feb 22, 2024
Liebenberg syndrome severity arises from variations in Pitx1 locus topology and ectopically transcribing cells
42 Guillaume Andrey Mar 04, 2024
Temporal constraints on enhancer usage shape the regulation of limb gene transcription
123 Guillaume Andrey Mar 22, 2024
A novel model of binge ethanol exposure reveals enhanced neurodegeneration with advanced age
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4 paige Anton Mar 18, 2024
The transcriptional and architectural resetting of stem cell identity during G1 entry
209 Effie Apostolou Mar 01, 2021
Lung epithelial signaling mediates early vaccine-induced CD4+ T cell activation and Mtb control
7 Maxim N. Artyomov Sep 14, 2021
Single cell profiling of histone modifications and transcription factors in the mouse brain
28 Marek Bartosovic Feb 10, 2021
NFI transcription factors regulate zonal olfactory receptor expression
237 Elizaveta Bashkirova Jun 14, 2023
In vivo macrophage engineering reshapes the tumor microenvironment leading to eradication of liver metastases [Visium]
8 Stefano Beretta Sep 27, 2023
In vivo macrophage engineering reshapes the tumor microenvironment leading to eradication of liver metastases
16 Stefano Beretta Sep 27, 2023
Transcriptional repressor FOXD3 safeguards genome integrity in embryonic stem cells
112 Robert Blelloch Apr 30, 2023
JAK-STAT signaling maintains homeostasis in T cells and macrophages (spatial transcriptomics)
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4 Christoph Bock Feb 24, 2024
The transcription factor Zfp281 serves redundantly with Zfp148 to support CD4+ T cell development and functions [Thymus Visium]
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6 Remy Bosselut Nov 13, 2023
Serum neurofilament light reveals the contraction from widespread to lesion-bound neuroaxonal injury during autoimmune neuroinflammation
26 Tobias Brummer Nov 22, 2023
Blocking of CA-MSC-induced desmoplasia reprograms the tumor immune microenvironment and enhances cancer immunotherapy
2 Ronald J Buckanovich Oct 06, 2021
An Epigenetic Memory of Inflammation Induces Context-Dependent Lineage Plasticity in the Pancreas with Divergent Phenotypic Outcomes
115 Rohit Chandwani Oct 24, 2023
Small intestine and colon tissue-resident memory CD8+ T cells exhibit transcriptional, epigenetic, and functional heterogeneity in concert with differential dependence on Eomesodermin
20 John Chang Dec 28, 2022
Aberrant translation regulation by METTL1/WDR4-mediated tRNA N7-methylguanosine modification drives HNSCC progression
28 Jie Chen Mar 23, 2022