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A comprehensive Xist interactome reveals cohesin repulsion and an RNA-directed chromosome conformation
42 John Edward Froberg Jun 19, 2015
miRNA-target chimeras identified with CLEAR-CLIP reveal miRNA 3' end pairing as a major determinant of Argonaute binding in vivo [mouse cortex CLEAR-CLIP]
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26 Michael John Moore Nov 15, 2015
Determination of direct binding targets of Quaking RNA binding proteins
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6 W. Samuel Fagg Jul 11, 2018
Megadomains and superloops form dynamically during X-chromosome inactivation but are dispensable for silencing and escape
65 John Edward Froberg Oct 31, 2018
Genetic models reveal cis and trans immune-regulatory activities for lincRNA-Cox2 in vivo (macrophages)
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4 Susan Carpenter Dec 19, 2018
Kinase-dependent structural role of DNA-PKcs during immunoglobulin class switch recombination
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16 Zhengping Shao Jul 26, 2018
Epigenetic Enhancer Marks and Transcription Factor Binding Influence Vk Gene Rearrangement in Pre-B Cells and Pro-B Cells [VDJ-seq]
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12 Salvatore Loguercio Oct 01, 2018
Epigenetic Enhancer Marks and Transcription Factor Binding Influence Vkappa Gene Rearrangement in Pre-B Cells and Pro-B Cells
18 Salvatore Loguercio Oct 01, 2018
CtIP is essential for early B cell proliferation and development in mice
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4 Xiaobin Summer Wang May 12, 2019
Phosphorylation at the S2056 1 cluster of DNA-PKcs is dispensable for lymphocyte development and class switch recombination in mice.
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3 Zhengping Shao Apr 17, 2019
Indel rate analysis:Start codon disruption with CRISPR/Cas9 prevents murine Fuchs' endothelial corneal dystrophy
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4 Hironori Uehara Sep 01, 2020
DNA-PKcs phosphorylation at the T2609 cluster alters the repair pathway choice during immunoglobulin class switch recombination
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18 Xiaobin Summer Wang Jul 18, 2020
CtIP-mediated DNA resection is dispensable for IgH class switch recombination by alternative end-joining
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42 Xiaobin Summer Wang Sep 18, 2020
T cell receptor is required for differentiation but not maintenance of intestinal CD4+ intraepithelial lymphocytes
28 Tiago Castro Oct 02, 2020
Dnmt1 has global de novo methylation activity and is specifically targeted to transposable elements
90 Helene Kretzmer Jun 18, 2021
FATC domain deletion compromises ATM protein stability, lymphocyte development, and promotes lymphomagenesis
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6 Xiaobin Summer Wang Dec 31, 2020
16S sequencing of mouse gut microbial DNA after 10 days of intermittent fasting or ad libitum with and without vancomycin treatment
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32 Elisabeth Serger Apr 12, 2022
Neuronal Nsun2 deficiency is associated with codon-specific epitranscriptomic dysregulation of Gly-tRNAs and corresponding proteomic shift impacting synaptic signaling and behavior
103 Jennifer Blaze Jul 01, 2021
RNA Sequencing Analysis of T Cell Receptor Alpha and Beta Chain in Thymic WT versus CIC-deficient CD4+ SP Non-Treg and Treg Cells.
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4 Soeun Kim May 07, 2021
Neurons burdened by DNA double strand breaks incite microglia activation through antiviral-like signaling in neurodegeneration.
47 Li-Huei Tsai May 10, 2022