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Impaired DNA demethylation of C/EBP sites causes premature aging
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58 Emil Karaulanov Jun 11, 2018
Molecular function of stress-dependent epigenetic regulator ATF7 in paternal inheritance of dietary effect on offspring phenotype
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78 Keisuke Yoshida Mar 09, 2020
MeCP2 represses the rate of transcriptional initiation of highly methylated long genes
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400 Lisa D. Boxer Nov 26, 2019
Binding of 14-3-3 reader proteins to phosphorylated DNMT1 facilitates aberrant DNA methylation and gene expression
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8 Guoqiang Zhang Sep 10, 2015
Local compartment changes and regulatory landscape alterations in histone H1-depleted cells
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41 Geert Geeven Nov 30, 2015
Erasure of Tet-oxidized 5-methylcytosine by a SRAP nuclease
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31 Douglas Edmund Feldman Oct 10, 2017
Derivation of ground-state female ESCs maintaining gamete-derived DNA methylation
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88 Yasuhiro Yamada Jul 27, 2017
Vitamin C and L-Proline antagonistic effects capture alternative states in the pluripotency continuum
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22 Cristina D'Aniello Feb 03, 2017
Postnatal DNA demethylation and its role in tissue maturation
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131 Klaus H Kaestner May 09, 2018
A novel requirement for Drosha in maintenance of mammalian CG methylation
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12 Robert J Schmitz Jul 27, 2017
Vitamin C induced epigenomic remodeling in IDH1 mutant acute myeloid leukemia
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24 Martin Hirst Jul 01, 2017
Diverse interventions that extend mouse lifespan suppress shared age-associated epigenetic changes at critical gene regulatory regions
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Neil A Robertson Feb 16, 2017
Individual retrotransposon integrants are differentially controlled by KZFP/KAP1-dependent histone methylation, DNA methylation and TET-mediated hydroxymethylation in naïve embryonic stem cells
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28 Julien Duc Feb 28, 2018
Rif1 Promotes a Repressive Chromatin State to Safeguard Against Endogenous Retrovirus Activation
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22 Pishun Li Sep 19, 2017
Transcriptional and epigenetic profiling of aged mouse SVZ-derived neural stem / progenitor cells
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38 Felix Krueger Mar 06, 2018
High-Resolution Dissection of Conducive Somatic Cell Reprogramming to Naïve Ground State Pluripotency in Mbd3/NuRD and Gatad2a/NuRD Depleted Systems
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243 Noa Novershtern Jul 15, 2018
Transcriptome and Methylome Changes During the Progression of Colitis-accelerated Colon Cancer in Mouse and the Blockage by Curcumin
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Renyi Wu Jun 11, 2018
Early-life gene expression in neurons modulates lasting epigenetic states.
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Hume Stroud Oct 19, 2017
Ancestral perinatal obesogen exposure results in a transgenerational thrifty phenotype in mice
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40 Raquel Chamorro-Garcia Nov 10, 2017
Differences in cell cycle status underlie transcriptional heterogeneity in the HSC compartment
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24 Nicolas Rapin Jun 21, 2018