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Functional studies of a H2A.Bbd-like histone variant in mouse spermatogenesis
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7 Rohan Williams Jan 20, 2012
Impaired DNA demethylation of C/EBP sites causes premature aging
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58 Emil Karaulanov Jun 11, 2018
CRISPR screening reveals targets to reprogram long-lived effector CD8+ T cells for cancer therapy.
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50 Hongbo Chi Dec 11, 2019
In vivo CRISPR screening reveals nutrient signaling processes underpinning CD8+ T cell fate decisions
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40 Hongbo Chi Feb 25, 2021
CRISPR screens unveil signal hubs for nutrient licensing of T cell immunity
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52 Hongbo Chi Sep 26, 2021
SLC38A2 and glutamine signaling in cDC1 dictate anti-tumor immunity
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25 Hongbo Chi May 24, 2023
Single-cell CRISPR screens in vivo map T cell fate regulomes in cancer
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89 Hongbo Chi Nov 15, 2023
Cohesin-based chromatin interactions enable regulated gene expression within pre-existing architectural compartments.
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13 Andre J Faure Aug 13, 2013
Epigenomic Signatures of Neuronal Diversity in the Mammalian Brain
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31 Alisa Mo Jun 17, 2015
Epigenomic Landscapes of Retinal Rods and Cones
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33 Alisa Mo Mar 07, 2016
The complex genetics of hypoplastic left heart syndrome
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18 Cecilia W Lo Apr 13, 2017
Characterization of hundreds of regulatory landscapes in developing limbs reveals two regimes of chromatin folding
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114 Guillaume Andrey Dec 06, 2016
Graded responses to variable TCR signaling are encoded in the affinities of AICE-containing enhancers responding to BATF and IRF4
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42 Arifumi Iwata Mar 27, 2017
Genome-wide Mapping of Lamin B1 Reveals the Existence of Dynamic and Functional Euchromatin Lamin B1 Domains (eLADs) at the onset of the Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition
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27 Enrique Blanco Aug 30, 2018
Multi-scale 3D genome rewiring during mouse neural development
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92 Boyan Bonev Oct 18, 2017
Transcriptional and Epigenomic Landscapes of CNS and non-CNS Vascular Endothelial Cells
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42 Mark F Sabbagh Sep 06, 2018
High-throughput single-cell ChIP-seq identifies heterogeneity of chromatin states in breast cancer
10 Kevin Grosselin Apr 12, 2019
CRISPR/Cas9/AAV9-sgRNA Mediated In Vivo Genome Editing Reveals the Indispensability of Myc During Muscle Stem Cells Activation by Remodeling the 3D Chromatin
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51 Yingzhe Ding Sep 16, 2021
Induction of Pluripotent Stem Cells from Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts by Jdp2, Glis1, Essrb and Sall4
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23 Jing Liu Nov 05, 2022
Combined mutation of C/EBPa and GATA-2 induce bi-lineage acute erythroid leukemia through transformation of a neomorphic neutrophil-erythroid progenitor
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Cristina Di Genua Feb 24, 2020