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Combined mutation of C/EBPa and GATA-2 induce bi-lineage acute erythroid leukemia through transformation of a neomorphic neutrophil-erythroid progenitor
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Cristina Di Genua Feb 24, 2020
The NK cell stress response status modulates anti-tumor immunity
21 Kathryn Grace Hockemeyer Feb 26, 2021
Single Cell Sequencing Reveals Early PGC-like Intermediates During Mouse Primed to Naïve Transition
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36 Jiangping He Mar 09, 2021
Negative Elongation Factor (NELF) regulates muscle progenitor expansion for efficient myofiber repair and stem cell pool repopulation
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35 Jeffrey Dilworth Mar 18, 2021
Sex-specific control of human heart maturation by the progesterone receptor
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Enzo Porrello Mar 22, 2021
Temporal Analyses of Cardiac Chromatin Accessibility, DNA Methylation and Epigenomic Structure Reveal Locus-Specific Regulation
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47 Tom Vondriska Dec 01, 2021
PRDM16 Is a Compact Myocardium-Enriched Transcription Factor Required to Maintain Compact Myocardial Cardiomyocyte Identity in Left Ventricle
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44 Ju Chen Dec 20, 2021
Multimodal profiling of the transcriptional regulatory landscape of the developing mouse cortex identifies Neurog2 as a key epigenome remodeler
36 Boyan Bonev Jan 27, 2022
A conserved YAP/Notch/REST network controls the neuroendocrine cell fate in the lungs
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Julien Sage Feb 07, 2022
ChIP-seq data of CDYL in mouse dorsal root ganglia
  • Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing
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6 Zhao-wei' Sun Feb 08, 2022
KMT2C Loss Promotes Small Cell Lung Cancer Metastasis through DNMT3A-mediated Epigenetic Reprogramming
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55 Xaingyu Pan Feb 23, 2022
CD8+ T cell responsiveness to anti-PD-1 is epigenetically regulated by Suv39h1 in melanomas
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21 Paul Gueguen Mar 14, 2022
Hijacking of transcriptional condensates by endogenous retroviruses
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78 Sara Hetzel Mar 30, 2022
Autoreactive CD8+ T cells are restrained by an exhaustion-like program that is maintained by LAG3
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23 Anthony Richard Cillo Apr 08, 2022
Concurrent stem- and lineage-affiliated chromatin programs precede hematopoietic lineage restriction
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11 Göran Karlsson May 02, 2022
Single-cell ATAC-sequencing analysis of mouse totipotent potential stem cells, extended pluripotent stem cells and embryonic stem cells
  • Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing
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Yiming Sun May 04, 2022
Global transcriptional, ATAC-sequencing, and methylation analyses of mouse totipotent potential stem cells and extended pluripotent stem cells
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37 Yiming Sun May 04, 2022
Spatial profiling of chromatin accessibility in mouse and human tissues
  • Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing
10 Yanxiang Deng May 20, 2022
A palmitate-rich metastatic niche enables metastasis growth via p65 acetylation
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37 Juan Fernández-García Jun 01, 2022
Single-cell RNA-seq and chromatin accessibility profiling decipher mouse gd T cell heterogeneity in peripheral lymph nodes, spleen and thymus
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6 Quanli Yang Jun 30, 2022