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Spatial-temporal epigenetic landscape of mouse gastrula
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120 Naihe Jing Oct 07, 2019
Hypoxia-induced priming of microglial inflammatory gene expression is associated with TLR4 signaling H3K4me3 enrichment
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28 Jyoti Watters Feb 04, 2020
Activation of HOTTIP lncRNA perturbs HSC function leading to AML like disease
66 Suming Huang Dec 03, 2019
HOXBLINC is aberrantly expressed in acute myeloid leukemia and functions as a potent oncogenic long non-coding RNA in leukemogenesis
40 Suming Huang Jan 27, 2021
RNA/WES/ATAC/scRNA sequencing of murine melanoma primary and LN metastases
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58 Nathan Edward Reticker-Flynn Jun 14, 2021
H3K36me2 recruits DNMT3A and shapes intergenic DNA methylation landscapes
43 Jacek Majewski Aug 30, 2019
Polycomb Mediated Chromatin Organization Reveals Transcriptional Silencers Required for Embryonic Development
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107 Chia-Lin Wei Jan 07, 2020
Transcription factor activity and nucleosome organisation in mitosis
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97 Pablo Navarro Dec 04, 2018
Promoter capture Hi-C identifies long-range promoter contact dynamics in response to diet and the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
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46 Paul A Wade Jan 01, 2020
Regulation of neuronal commitment in mouse embryonic stem cells by the Reno/Bahcc1 locus
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77 Igor Ulitsky Sep 13, 2020
ChIP-seq and RNA-seq analysis of histone Kcr in the embryonic forebrain and neural stem/progenitor cells.
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30 Dai Shang Kun Jun 22, 2021
A conserved noncoding locus modulates random monoallelic Xist expression across a TAD boundary
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56 Nicolas Servant Dec 01, 2019
Immediate and deferred epigenomic signatures of in vivo neuronal activation in mouse hippocampus
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Angel Barco Sep 03, 2019
Chromatin accessibility landscape upon induction of Msgn1, Pax3 and Myf5 in mesodermal cells and identification of conserved Pax3 binding sites and target genes during skeletal myogenesis
65 Alessandro Magli Feb 26, 2019
RNA interactions are essential for proper CTCF function
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24 Ricardo Saldana-Meyer Sep 12, 2019
A distal super enhancer mediates estrogen-dependent mouse uterine–specific gene transcription of Insulin-like growth factor 1 (Igf1)
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38 Sylvia C Hewitt May 08, 2019
Histone 3 K9 and K27 acetylation of enhancers in response to thyroid hormone
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56 Lars Grøntved Jul 01, 2019
Replicational dilution of H3K27me3 in mammalian cells and the role of poised promoters
47 Ramesh Shivdasani Jan 17, 2020
Uncoupling histone H3K4 trimethylation from developmental gene expression via an epigenetic equilibrium of Polycomb, COMPASS and DNA methylation
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128 Ali Shilatifard Mar 17, 2020
Chromatin architecture as a checkpoint for NASH-associated liver injury
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17 Jiandie Lin Sep 10, 2019