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A primed immune transcriptional program is activated in oligodendroglia in multiple sclerosis
1185 Eneritz Agirre May 21, 2021
Direct neuronal reprogramming by temporal identity factors
  • Link icon Mus musculus
18 Awais Javed May 04, 2023
PRDM16 Is a Compact Myocardium-Enriched Transcription Factor Required to Maintain Compact Myocardial Cardiomyocyte Identity in Left Ventricle
  • Link icon Mus musculus
44 Ju Chen Dec 20, 2021
Chromatin architecture of B cell development during the humoral immune response
107 Ashley Stephen Doane Sep 09, 2021
RNA-Seq and CUT&Tag of satellite stem cells
  • Link icon Mus musculus
20 Jeffrey Dilworth Aug 04, 2022
Ikaros family proteins redundantly regulate temporal patterning in the developing mouse retina
  • Link icon Mus musculus
13 Awais Javed Dec 22, 2022
MacroH2A restricts melanoma progression via inhibition of chemokine expression in cancer-associated fibroblasts.
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61 Dan Filipescu Jun 09, 2023
Linker Histone H1.0 Couples Cellular Stiffness to Chromatin Structure
  • Link icon Mus musculus
35 Thomas Martin Vondriska Feb 28, 2024
An Exhausted-Like Microglial Population Accumulates in Aged and APOE4 Genotype Alzheimer’s Brains
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27 Alon Millet Dec 29, 2023