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Azin2-dependent transcriptional and epigenetic regulation in adipose tissue and adipocyte progenitors
38 Ismini Vasileia Alexaki Jul 03, 2023
Sperm chromatin accessibility’s involvement in the intergenerational effects of stress hormone receptor activation
  • Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing
10 Vincent Valentin Tobias Fischer Dec 08, 2023
Fate-mapping via Spp1-expression history revealed innate immune memory of microglia imprinted by neonatal injury [Spp1Tdt]
60 DANYANG HE Jan 24, 2024
Skin basal cell carcinomas assemble a pro-tumorigenic spatially organized and self-propagating Trem2+ myeloid niche
11 Anthony Oro Mar 28, 2023
A non-coding single nucleotide polymorphism at 8q24 drives IDH1-mutant glioma formation
24 Daniel Schramek Sep 12, 2022
Cell and chromatin transitions in intestinal stem cell regeneration
22 Ramesh Shivdasani Jun 07, 2022