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Direct DNA crosslinking with CAP-C uncovers transcription-dependent chromatin organization at high resolution
  • Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing
  • Other
76 Youzhi Cheng Aug 22, 2020
Multimodal profiling of the transcriptional regulatory landscape of the developing mouse cortex identifies Neurog2 as a key epigenome remodeler
36 Boyan Bonev Jan 27, 2022
Sequencing of N6-methyl-deoxyadenosine at single-base resolution across the mammalian genome
  • Other
  • Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing
67 Xiaolong Cui Dec 28, 2023
The chromatin and regulatory properties of pluripotency-associated poised enhancers are conserved in vivo
  • Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing
28 Giuliano Crispatzu Dec 31, 2020
The Dynamic Epigenetic Landscape of the Retina During Development, Reprogramming, and Tumorigenesis
868 Beisi Xu May 03, 2017
UTX and 53BP1 co-regulate genetic programs for neural differentiation of human embryonic stem cells
67 Beisi Xu Feb 15, 2019
Activation of HOTTIP lncRNA perturbs HSC function leading to AML like disease
66 Suming Huang Dec 03, 2019
HOXBLINC is aberrantly expressed in acute myeloid leukemia and functions as a potent oncogenic long non-coding RNA in leukemogenesis
40 Suming Huang Jan 27, 2021
Replicational dilution of H3K27me3 in mammalian cells and the role of poised promoters
47 Ramesh Shivdasani Jan 17, 2020
MAFG-driven astrocytes promote CNS inflammation
163 Michael Wheeler Feb 12, 2020
Hammer-seq to measure kinetics of DNA methylation maintenance in HeLa cells
126 Zhuqiang Zhang Jun 26, 2020
Nutrient regulation of the islet epigenome controls adaptive insulin secretion
131 Matthew Wortham Feb 24, 2023
Genome-wide chromatin analyses and RNA-seq of liver cells upon YAP induction
83 stefano campaner Jul 25, 2022
Integrative single-cell chromatin and transcriptome profiling uncovers cell-type specific regulatory interactions
20 Sai Ma Oct 23, 2020
Temporal evolution of cellular heterogeneity during the progression to advanced, AR-negative prostate cancer
53 David Rickman Apr 07, 2021
m6A directs the demethylation of histone H3K9me2 co-transcriptionall
56 linjian xia Jul 01, 2020
Transcriptome profile of ENDOC-BH1 cells and isolated murine islets modulating TFEB expression
74 Rossella De Cegli Jul 31, 2023
Methylation and gene expression data obtained from Dnmt3b+/+, Dnmt3bD/D and Dnmt3bCI/CI MYC induced T-cell lymphomas (MTCLs).
31 Rene Opavsky Dec 30, 2020
A single-cell epigenetic atlas of human IDH-mutant glioma
23 Aaron Diaz Oct 20, 2021
Single-cell joint detection of chromatin occupancy and transcriptome enables higher-dimensional epigenomic reconstructions
16491 Haiqing Xiong Mar 05, 2021