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BAF complex cooperates with c-Myc to orchestrate early fate decisions of CD8 T cells
101 Douglas R Green Apr 24, 2022
SWI/SNF inactivation in the endometrial epithelium leads to loss of epithelial integrity
16 Ronald L. Chandler Oct 20, 2020
High dose IFN-𝛽 activates GAF to enhance expression of ISGF3 target genes in epithelial cells
70 Quen Cheng Mar 05, 2021
"Stripe" transcription factors provide accessibility to co-binding partners in mammalian genomes.
476 Yongbing Zhao Jul 21, 2022
Integration of Feeding Behaviour by the Liver Circadian Clock Reveals Network Dependency of Metabolic Rhythms
38 Paolo Kunderfranco Jun 01, 2021
 Pan-AMPK activator O304 prevents gene expression changes and re-mobilization of histone marks in islets of diet-induced obese mice 
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Ana Rosa López-Pérez Dec 20, 2021
Characterization and function of transcriptional elongation during zygotic genome activation in mouse embryos
123 Tamas Schauer Oct 01, 2022
PRC2.1 and PRC2.2 Specific Accessory Proteins Drive Recruitment of Different Forms of Canonical PRC1
189 Cheng Wang Apr 06, 2023
Dissecting the roles of MBD2 isoforms and domains in regulating NuRD complex func-tion during cellular differentiation
30 Tuncay Baubec May 23, 2023
NOTCH-YAP1/TEAD-DNMT1 axis drives hepatocyte reprogramming into intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
19 Shuchang Liu Jul 25, 2023
Spatiotemporal co-dependency between macrophages and exhausted CD8+ T cells
22 Arjun Arkal Rao Apr 26, 2022
An activity-specificity trade-off encoded in human transcription factors
100 Alexandre P Magalhaes Feb 27, 2024
Zfp281 and Zfp148 control CD4+ T cell thymic development and Th2 functions
38 Remy Bosselut Nov 10, 2023
Direct neuronal reprogramming of mouse astrocytes is associated with multiscale epigenome remodeling and requires Yy1
64 Boyan Bonev Apr 30, 2024
Balanced SET levels favor the correct enhancer repertoire during cell fate acquisition
80 Luca Massimino Sep 12, 2022
PPARg and C/EBPa response to acute cold stress in brown adipose tissue
72 Ning Wu Jan 11, 2023
WT, LKB1 KO, and LKB1/CRTC2 KO mouse embryonic fibroblasts
60 Russell Jones May 11, 2023
The Chd4 helicase regulates chromatin accessibility and gene expression critical for β-cell function in vivo.
14 Jason Spaeth May 31, 2023
Disruption of the ATXN1-CIC complex reveals the role of additional nuclear ATXN1 interactors in spinocerebellar ataxia type 1
104 Stephanie Lynn Coffin Dec 13, 2022
Age-associated changes in murine endothelial gene expression and chromatin accessibility correlate with impaired blood-brain barrier integrity and elevated risk of intracerebral hemorrhage
79 Gilles Gasparoni Sep 20, 2023