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Single Cell Sequencing Reveals Early PGC-like Intermediates During Mouse Primed to Naïve Transition
36 Jiangping He Mar 09, 2021
Identification and isolation of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell populations
21 Dave M Bodine Mar 03, 2023
Three-dimensional analysis of genome organization in CTCF-WT and CTCF-KO dendritic cells
92 Hyoung-Pyo Kim Jan 04, 2023
PHF20 Activates Autophagy Genes through Enhancer Activation via H3K36me2 Binding Activity
28 Se Won Park Jun 23, 2022
BRD9 determines the cell fate of hematopoietic stem cells by regulating chromatin state
60 Masaki Nomura Oct 31, 2023
Transcriptional repression by a secondary DNA binding surface of DNA topoisomerase I safeguards against hypertranscription
62 Zhenhua hu May 29, 2023
Silc1 long noncoding RNA is required for efficient memory formation
53 Igor Ulitsky Jul 29, 2023
Complex regulation of Eomes levels mediated through distinct functional features of the Meteor long non-coding RNA locus
120 Igor Ulitsky Apr 22, 2023
Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex integrates the metabolome and epigenome in memory CD8+ T cell differentiation in vitro
37 Peter McGuire Aug 07, 2023
Dor regulates alpha-KG metabolic pathways in mature oligodendrocytes to enhance myelination and reverse age-related remyelination decline
9 XueLian He Jul 04, 2024
Histone lysine demethylase 4 family proteins maintain the transcriptional program and adrenergic cellular state of MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma
26 Hongjian Jin Mar 02, 2024