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Balanced SET levels favor the correct enhancer repertoire during cell fate acquisition
80 Luca Massimino Sep 12, 2022
Direct DNA crosslinking with CAP-C uncovers transcription-dependent chromatin organization at high resolution
  • Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing
  • Other
76 Youzhi Cheng Aug 22, 2020
Repression and 3D-restructuring resolves regulatory conflicts in evolutionarily rearranged genomes
88 Michael I Robson Sep 29, 2022
Tcf1 is essential for initiation of oncogenic Notch1-driven chromatin topology.
61 Nadine Fournier Jan 21, 2022
NicE-C efficiently reveals open chromatin associated chromosome interactions at high resolution
32 Zhengyu Luo Jan 18, 2022
The hyperconnected 3D clique at the Ets1 locus is required for T cell function
65 Golnaz Vahedi Jun 20, 2023
ETV6 Represses Inflammatory Response Genes and Regulates HSPC Function During Stress Hematopoiesis in Mice
27 Kim Nichols Aug 24, 2023
Dissecting developmental disorders caused by CTCF mutation at R567
71 gongcheng Hu May 05, 2024
PAX3-FOXO1 expression in endothelial progenitors dictates myogenic reprogramming and rhabdomyosarcoma identity
75 Hongjian Jin Sep 29, 2023
A multiscale 3D chromatin architecture that controls development of the humoral immune system is assembled by IKAROS
120 Katia Georgopoulos Nov 20, 2023
Polycomb Mediated Chromatin Organization Reveals Transcriptional Silencers Required for Embryonic Development
107 Chia-Lin Wei Jan 07, 2020
CTCF Functions as an Insulator for Somatic Genes and a Structural Regulator for Pluripotent Genes during Reprogramming
187 ya wei song Apr 05, 2022
RNA interactions are essential for proper CTCF function
24 Ricardo Saldana-Meyer Sep 12, 2019
A distal super enhancer mediates estrogen-dependent mouse uterine–specific gene transcription of Insulin-like growth factor 1 (Igf1)
38 Sylvia C Hewitt May 08, 2019
Pax3 cooperates with Ldb1 to direct local chromosome architecture during lineage specification
  • Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing
  • Other
60 Alessandro Magli Apr 16, 2019
H4K20me3 methyltransferase SUV420H2 shapes the three-dimensional chromatin landscape of pluripotent embryonic stem cells
26 Benjamin L Kidder Nov 13, 2020
Defining the relative and combined contribution of CTCF and CTCFL to genomic regulation
122 Nishana Mayilaadumveettil Apr 14, 2020
Histone 1 deficiency drives lymphomagenesis through disruption of 3D chromatin architecture
53 Matt Teater Sep 02, 2020
Balancing cohesin eviction and retention prevents aberrant chromosomal interactions, Polycomb-mediated repression, and X-inactivation
94 Andrea June Kriz Mar 15, 2021
CTCF Mediates Dosage and Sequence-context-dependent Transcriptional Insulation through Formation of Local Chromatin Domains [Hi-C and PLAC-seq]
  • Other
  • Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing
14 Bing Ren Jul 06, 2020