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Histone methyltransferase SETDB1 silenced SINE B2 retrotransposons and maintained mitotic cell cycle of neural progenitor cells
22 Yan Jiang Jun 01, 2024
Epigenetic profiling in adult brain after prenatal BPA exposure
45 Yan Jiang May 29, 2024
Astrocyte Reactivity and Cognitive Decline Follow Chronic Heterochromatin Loss in Neurons
71 Andrew Newman Jan 10, 2024
Gestational diabetes in mice induces hematopoietic memory that impacts the long-term health of the offspring
20 Kyle McCracken Nov 13, 2023
An engineered Sox17 induces somatic to neural stem cell fate transition independently from pluripotency reprogramming
140 Mingxi WENG Jul 19, 2023
Bisulfite-free base-resolution sequencing of oxidized cytosines (APOBEC-seq) reveals a ubiquitous role of thymine DNA glycosylase in active gene promoters and an interaction with MBD3/NuRD
55 Moshe Szyf Jun 30, 2023
The chemical reprogramming of unipotent adult germ cells towards authentic pluripotency and de novo establishment of imprinting
145 Jiansen Lu Feb 07, 2023
Single-cell triple-omics uncovers DNA methylation as key feature of stemness in the healthy and ischemic adult brain
4532 Ana Martin-Villalba Aug 12, 2022
DNA sequence and chromatin modifiers determine epigenetic bistability at imprinting control regions
7 Tuncay Baubec Jul 20, 2022
H3K27me3 shapes DNA methylome by inhibiting UHRF1-mediated H3 ubiquitination [Bisulfite-seq]
9 Falong Lu Jun 27, 2022
H3K27me3 shapes DNA methylome by inhibiting UHRF1-mediated H3 ubiquitination
23 Falong Lu Jun 27, 2022
Unveiling E2F4, TEAD1 and AP-1 as regulatory transcription factors of the replicative senescence program by multi-omics analysis
75 Yi Zhang Oct 01, 2021
Insights into the regulation of the brain-placental axis
42 Susanta K. Behura Aug 27, 2021
Mouse totipotent stem cells captured and maintained through spliceosomal repression
50 Min Yang May 15, 2021
Uncoupling histone H3K4 trimethylation from developmental gene expression via an epigenetic equilibrium of Polycomb, COMPASS and DNA methylation
128 Ali Shilatifard Mar 17, 2020