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Multipartite super-enhancers function in an orientation-dependent manner
93 Mira Tony Kassouf Aug 18, 2022
Scalable Production of Mouse Erythroid Cells using an in vitro Embryoid Body differentiation System
  • Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing
  • Other
42 Mira Tony Kassouf Sep 22, 2021
EZHIP constrains Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 activity in germ cells
61 Nicolas Servant Jul 15, 2019
CG dinucleotides enhance promoter activity independent of DNA methylation
186 Dirk Schuebeler Jan 20, 2019
Genomic profiling of DNA methyltransferases reveals a role for DNMT3B in genic methylation
21 Dirk Schuebeler Jan 22, 2015