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Comparison of TCF hyper-activated and control Huh7 cells
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8 Ersen Kavak Sep 30, 2009
Integrated epigenome profiling of DNA methylation and gene expression in normal and malignant urothelial cells
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9 Ewa Dudziec Sep 20, 2011
Gene expression of hormone-treated U2OS cells expressing GR alleles
  • Expression profiling by array
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80 Benjamin J Schiller Jul 15, 2014
VRTN Regulates the Number of Thoracic Vertebrae During Vertebrate Development
13 Yanyu Dean Oct 09, 2019
Super-enhancer-associated oncogenes as novel therapeutic targets in osteosarcoma
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36 Jiajun Zhang Dec 27, 2019
Alterations in chromosome spatial compartmentalization classify prostate cancer progression.
  • Expression profiling by array
  • Other
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23 Rebeca SanMartin May 01, 2021
DUSP6 mediates resistance to JAK2 inhibition and drives leukemic progression
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49 Tim Kong Oct 24, 2022
Olfactory neuroblastoma mimics molecular subtypes and lineage trajectories of small cell lung cancer
103 Trudy Oliver May 15, 2024