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How C/EBPa creates an elite cell state for reprogramming to pluripotency
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68 samuel Collombet Feb 19, 2016
Cell-of-origin specific 3D genome structure acquired during somatic cell reprogramming
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85 Elzo de Wit Mar 01, 2016
Nat1 promotes translation of specific proteins that induce differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells
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Shinya Yamanaka Jan 06, 2017
Post-transcriptional Gene Silencing Mediated by microRNAs is Controlled by Nucleoplasmic Sfpq
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Silvia Bottini Oct 20, 2017
Srf destabilizes cell identity
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41 Takashi Ikeda Apr 18, 2018
Differential impact of Dicer deficiency on microglia of the developing and adult brain
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52 Steffen Jung Jun 20, 2017
Impaired DNA demethylation of C/EBP sites causes premature aging
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58 Emil Karaulanov Jun 11, 2018
Analysis of gene expression in populations of adult undifferentiated spermatogonia
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16 Robin Mark Hobbs Jul 26, 2018
Genome-wide transcriptional profiles of Kupffer cells and alveolar macrophages from naïve and LPS-injected mice
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18 Daun Jung Dec 27, 2018
Safeguard function of PU.1 shapes the inflammatory epigenome of neutrophils
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49 Frank Rosenbauer Mar 19, 2019
The Transcription factor Zeb2 ia required to maintain tissue-specific identities of macrophages
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52 Liesbet Martens Jul 14, 2018
E-C coupling structural protein junctophilin-2 encodes a stress-adaptive transcription regulator
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25 Long-Sheng Song Jan 31, 2019
Molecular function of stress-dependent epigenetic regulator ATF7 in paternal inheritance of dietary effect on offspring phenotype
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78 Keisuke Yoshida Mar 09, 2020
CD69+ memory T lymphocytes of the bone marrow and spleen express the signature transcripts of tissue-resident memory T lymphocytes
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18 Pawel Durek Feb 11, 2019
MeCP2 represses the rate of transcriptional initiation of highly methylated long genes
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400 Lisa D. Boxer Nov 26, 2019
Dynamic Lineage Priming by ERK is Driven by Transcription Factor-Independent Enhancer Regulation
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220 Josh M Brickman Aug 08, 2019
Stellate cells, hepatocytes and endothelial cells imprint the Kupffer cell identity on monocytes colonizing the liver macrophage niche
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72 Liesbet Martens Aug 14, 2019
LMO3 reprogramms viseral adipocyte metabolism during obesity
  • Expression profiling by array
16 Markus Jeitler Aug 24, 2021
MicroRNA-mRNA expression profiles and functional networks of Submandibular Gland in type 2 diabetic db/db mice
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huimin liu Dec 01, 2021
Transcriptional down-regulation of metabolic genes by Gdown1 ablation induces quiescent cell re-entry into the cell cycle
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28 Miki JIshage Jan 06, 2021