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LncRNA DINO guides DNA damage signaling
56 Adam Schmitt Dec 30, 2015
MYD88-dependent dendritic and epithelial cell crosstalk in the lung orchestrates immune responses to inhaled allergens
  • Expression profiling by array
  • Other
92 Seddon Thomas Mar 10, 2018
Neuronal activity, TGFβ signaling and unpredictable chronic stress affect transcription of Gadd45 family members in vitro and in vivo
15 Henriette Franz Dec 31, 2017
KDM4B epigenetically protects against obesity and metabolic dysfunction
10 Cunyu Wang May 22, 2019
Profiling of transcription and chromatin accessibility of leukemic stem cells
9 Lawrence Lum Mar 05, 2018
Construction of a dynamic gene regulatory network required for cellular reprogramming
55 Prokopios Alexandros Polyzos Feb 14, 2019
Condensin II is recruited to promoters by pRb and regulates expression of divergently paired genes
48 Fred Dick Nov 04, 2019
Dynamic Lineage Priming by ERK is Driven by Transcription Factor-Independent Enhancer Regulation
220 Josh M Brickman Aug 08, 2019