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Gene Expression Defines Natural Changes in Mammalian Lifespan
141 Alexey Fushan Feb 17, 2015
Expression Profiling of Term Placenta in Viviparous Mammals by RNA-Seq
8 Don Leigh Armstrong May 12, 2017
Comparative analysis of the microRNA transcriptome revealed high altitude adaptation in yak (Bos grunniens)
11 long ke ren Mar 31, 2017
Comparative transcriptomic analysis provides insights into high-altitude adaptation
138 Mingzhou Li Sep 06, 2017
Small non-coding RNA transcriptome of four high-altitude vertebrates and their low-altitude relatives
126 Yao Ma Aug 19, 2019
Detection and Integrated Analysis of LncRNA and mRNA Relevant to Plateau Adaptation of Yak
18 Jiabo Wang Nov 18, 2019
Molecular mechanisms in lung tissue of yak provide insights into high-altitude adaptation by transcriptome-wide analysis [RNA-seq]
11 Qianyun Ge Jul 08, 2020
Molecular mechanisms in lung tissue of yak provide insights into high-altitude adaptation by transcriptome-wide analysis [miRNA-seq]
11 Qianyun Ge Jul 08, 2020
Characterization and Comparison of the Leukocyte Transcriptomes of Three Cattle Breeds
3 Wen Huang Jul 02, 2013
Transcriptional profiling of milk epithelial cells of Kashmiri and Jersey cattle
17 Basharat Ahmad Bhat Feb 13, 2019
Differential expression of genes associated with innate immunity and oncogenesis is linked to susceptibility to tropical theileriosis
11 Stephen Larcombe Jun 30, 2021
Transcriptome analysis of cattle experimentally infected with foot-and-mouth disease virus
15 Suresh H Basagoudanavar Dec 06, 2021
Small regulatory RNA in the bovine genome
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Evgeny Glazov Jul 29, 2009
An Atlas of Bovine Gene Expression Reveals Novel Distinctive Tissue Characteristics and Evidence for Improving Genome Annotation
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Gregory Paul Harhay Sep 29, 2010
Comparison of the bovine embryonic transcriptomes using RNA-Seq
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2 Wen Huang Dec 23, 2010
Non-coding small RNA profiling by high throughput sequencing of bovine primary retinal microvascular endothelial cells
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1 David Arthur Simpson Feb 13, 2012
RNA-seq profiling of theca and granulosa tissue of dominant follicle at 3 stages of follicular development in cows and heifers.
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65 Paul McGettigan Jun 15, 2012
Transcriptomic analysis of the stress response to weaning at housing in bovine leukocytes using RNA-seq technology
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48 David J Lynn Jun 25, 2012
RNA-seq analysis of differential gene expression in liver from lactating dairy cows divergent in negative energy balance
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11 Chris Creevey Apr 25, 2012
RNA-seq profiling of the bovine cervix at 6 timepoints during the peri-oestrus period.
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30 Paul McGettigan Jan 04, 2013