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Chromatin accessibility mapping at schizophrenia GWAS risk loci reveals compound genetic effects impairing neurodevelopment and synaptic function in human neurons
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106 Jubao Duan Jan 23, 2022
Genome-wide empirical binding sites co-occupied by p53 and NF-kB in human cardiomyopathy
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2 Mun-Kit Choy Jan 01, 2011
Global Mapping of H3K4me1 and H3K4me3 in human CD4+CD25+FOXP3+ Treg cells
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5 Ni Bing Jan 31, 2011
Examination of four human tissue samples by MethylC-seq
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7 Janine LaSalle Mar 28, 2013
Comparison of DNA methylation in human tissues
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9 Janine LaSalle Mar 28, 2013
SOX4 genome binding targets in glioblastoma cell line
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2 jie liu Oct 20, 2014
EWS and FUS Bind a Subset of Transcribed Genes Encoding Proteins Enriched in RNA Regulatory Functions
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5 Yonglun Luo Nov 19, 2015
Cis Regulatory Element Scan by Tiling-deletion and Sequencing
23 Bing Ren Apr 17, 2017
Integrative single-cell analysis of transcriptional and epigenetic states in the human adult brain [scTHS-seq]
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3 Kun Zhang Dec 11, 2017
Nuclear peripheral chromatin-lamin B1 interaction is required for global integrity of chromatin architecture and dynamics in human cells
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20 Mengfan Li Nov 08, 2020
Cancer-specific CTCF binding facilitates oncogenic transcriptional dysregulation
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92 Zhenjia Wang Aug 19, 2020
DNMT1 drives 4D genome rewiring during oncogene induced senescence
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92 Satish Sati Mar 27, 2020
Co-incidence of RCC-susceptibility polymorphisms with HIF cis-acting sequences supports a pathway tuning model of cancer
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10 David Robert Mole Dec 31, 2019
Simultaneous analysis of open chromatin, promoter interactions and gene expression in stimulated T cells implicates GWAS SNPs with causal genes
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36 Paul Martin Oct 31, 2019
A discrete subset of epigenetically primed human NK cells mediates antigen-specific immune responses
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47 Georg Stary Oct 15, 2020
AMULET: A novel read count-based method for effective multiplet detection from single nucleus ATAC-seq data
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3 Duygu Ucar Aug 11, 2021
The NK cell stress response status modulates anti-tumor immunity
21 Kathryn Grace Hockemeyer Feb 26, 2021
Occult polyclonality of preclinical pancreatic cancer models drives in vitro evolution.
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13 Anirban Maitra Apr 28, 2022
A single cell atlas of human glioma under therapy
113 Aaron Diaz Jul 05, 2022
Single-cell RNA-sequencing reveals an intratumor heterogeneity in pancreatic adenocarcinoma
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32 Masaya Yamazaki Apr 19, 2023