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Nfib promotes Metastasis through a Widespread Increase in Chromatin Accessibility [ATAC-seq]
67 William Greenleaf May 10, 2016
HNRNPA2B1 regulates alternative RNA processing in the nervous system and accumulates in granules in ALS IPSC-derived motor neurons
124 Gene Yeo Oct 20, 2016
Promoter of lncRNA gene *PVT1* is a tumor suppressor DNA element
267 Howard Y. Chang May 31, 2018
Topoisomerase II-induced Chromosome Breakage and Translocation Is Determined by Chromosome Architecture and Transcriptional Activity
73 Yaakov Maman Apr 24, 2019
EZHIP constrains Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 activity in germ cells
61 Nicolas Servant Jul 15, 2019
A pliable mediator acts as a functional, rather than an architectural bridge, between promoters and enhancers
201 Seolkyoung Jung Aug 01, 2019
Intra-Vk Cluster Recombination Shapes the Ig Kappa Locus Repertoire
69 Yaakov Maman Jan 01, 2020
PolyA-miner: Accurate assessment of differential Alternative Poly-Adenylation from 3’Seq data using Vector projections and Non-negative matrix factorization
6 Hari Krishna Yalamanchili May 04, 2020
Start codon disruption with CRISPR/Cas9 prevents murine Fuchs' endothelial corneal dystrophy
6 Hironori Uehara Sep 01, 2020
Gene regulation by gonadal hormone receptors defines brain sex differences-[CUT&RUN]
34 Melody Wu Apr 20, 2022
Gene regulation by gonadal hormone receptors defines brain sex differences
95 Melody Wu Apr 20, 2022
Active DNA demethylation promotes cell fate specification and the DNA damage response
121 Wei Wu Dec 01, 2022
ASPSCR1-TFE3 reprograms transcription by organizing enhancers around hexameric VCP
185 Jinxiu Li Jan 01, 2023
High-resolution transcriptional analysis of immunoglobulin variable regions reveals the absence of direct relationships between somatic hypermutation, nascent transcription and epigenetic marks
78 Maximilian Christian von der Linde Jun 22, 2024