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Accession Title Series type(s) Organism(s) Samples GDS Supplementary Contact Release date
Remove filtersFilter Remove filterHomo sapiens Remove filterNov 30, 2011
Expression profiles of CD24-/CD44+/ESA+ population in MDA-MB-231 and its highly metastatic variants.
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6 Profile icon Hiroshi Okuda Nov 30, 2011
A single intradermal injection of IFN-γ induces a psoriasis-like state in both non-lesional psoriatic and healthy skin
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60 Profile icon Mayte Suarez-Farinas Nov 30, 2011
Lung biopsies from sensitized or control rhesus macaques
35 Alex Abbas Nov 30, 2011
CCN5, a novel transcriptional repressor
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2 Michèle SABBAH Nov 30, 2011
The effects of YB1 knockdown on global gene expression in tumour cell lines.
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12 Hamish Campbell Nov 30, 2011
Myocardial transcriptome analysis of human arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC)
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38 Patrick Schwientek Nov 30, 2011
miRNA profiling in osteosarcoma: a cell line based approach with correlation to gene expression
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9 Jan Smida Nov 30, 2011
MicroRNA expression differences in adipose tissue between high and low fat diet mice
3 Apostolos Zaravinos Nov 30, 2011
Human acute myelogenous leukemia-initiating cells treated with fenretinide
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6 Hui Zhang Nov 30, 2011
Chip-chip from WI-38 human fibroblast with Argonaute antibody
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4 Moussa BENHAMED Nov 30, 2011
Expression data of interferon-alpha treated Huh-7 cells
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2 Filip Bebek Nov 30, 2011
Identification of a biomarker panel for the intake of the common dietary trans fat elaidic acid (trans∆9-C18:1)
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16 Toke Krogager Hansen Nov 30, 2011