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Gene expression changes during primate postnatal brain development
80 Mehmet Somel Mar 10, 2009
Gene expression data from primate postnatal brain development - superior frontal gyrus
27 Mehmet Somel Mar 10, 2009
Gene expression in primate postnatal brain through lifespan - prefrontal cortex
68 Mehmet Somel Dec 09, 2011
An alternative pluripotent state confers interspecies chimaeric competency
42 Christopher Benner May 06, 2015
Transcriptome study in rhesus monkey
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5 Jia-Yu Chen Mar 03, 2014
Large-scale multi-species survey of metabolome and lipidome
120 Jieyi Xiong May 30, 2014
Primate iPS cells as tools for evolutionary analyses
23 Jay Shendure Feb 19, 2014
Quantification of gene expression from primate tissue samples
71 Jay Shendure Oct 01, 2013
Conserved expression of lincRNA during human and macaque prefrontal cortex development and maturation
78 Zhisong He May 14, 2014
Deletion of DXZ4 on the human inactive X chromosome eliminates superdomains and impairs gene silencing
101 Miriam Huntley Jul 19, 2016
Isolator: accurate and consistent analysis of isoform-level expression in RNA-Seq experiments
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2 Xinxia Peng Mar 17, 2020
Direct probing of germinal center responses reveals immunological features and bottlenecks for nAb responses to an engineered HIV trimer
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24 Shane Crotty Dec 31, 2016
Human embryonic stem cell, chimpanzee induced pluripotent stem cell, orangutan induced pluripotent stem cell, rhesus embryonic stem cell, and their derived cortical organoid RNA-seq
55 Andrew Ryan Field May 31, 2018
Metatranscriptomics of the macaque juvenile gut microbiome in health and chronic diarrhea
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24 Samuel Taler Westreich Mar 09, 2019
Transcriptome map of the human brain at the single-cell resolution
17 Ilia Kurochkin Jan 30, 2020
Vaccine-induced tissue resident memory T cells and antibodies synergize to prevent mucosal HIV infection [CITE-seq]
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2 Madeleine Scott Mar 05, 2020
Deconvoluting alloimmunity in time and space through Serial Intravascular Staining: Evidence for rapid donor tissue-resident memory T cell resident memory formation during gastrointestinal GVHD.
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13 James John Kaminski Jul 01, 2020
Single-cell RNA-sequencing analysis for the molecular taxonomy of primate hippocampus after sevoflurane exposure
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8 yanyong cheng Jun 12, 2023
Nonhuman primate iPSCs and embryonic inner cell mass transcriptome
24 Morteza Roodgar Sep 30, 2020
Single-cell profiling of Ebola virus infection in vivo reveals viral and host transcriptional dynamics (ExVivo scRNA-seq)
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24 Dylan Kotliar Sep 23, 2020