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Innovations in primate interneuron repertoire
123 Fenna Marie Krienen Jun 04, 2020
Comparative single cell epigenomic analysis of gene regulatory programs in the rodent and primate motor cortex
46 Bing Ren Oct 31, 2023
An endogenous retrovirus-derived long non-coding RNA promotes fetal cardiomyocyte migration in primates
60 Lei Tian Aug 11, 2020
An alternative pluripotent state confers interspecies chimaeric competency
42 Christopher Benner May 06, 2015
Natural Selection has Shaped Coding and Non-coding Transcription in Primate CD4+ T-cells
24 Charles G Danko Dec 29, 2016
Pachytene piRNA Genes Are Rapidly Diverging Among Modern Humans
72 Tianxiong Yu Dec 23, 2019
SARS-CoV-2 receptor ACE2 is an interferon-stimulated gene in human airway epithelial cells and is detected in specific cell subsets across tissues
349 Alex Shalek Apr 23, 2020
Long first exons and epigenetic marks distinguish conserved pachytene piRNA clusters from other mammalian genes
19 Tianxiong Yu Oct 24, 2020
The Testis-Specific Transcription Factor TCFL5 Responds to A-MYB to Elaborate Male Meiotic Program in Mammals
57 Tianxiong Yu Jan 11, 2023
Gene expression profiling of granuloma T cells in M. tuberculosis infected rhesus macaques reveals a critical role for CD30
69 Timothy G Myers Mar 24, 2023