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Interferon inducible pseudouridine modification in human mRNA by quantitative nanopore profiling (Nanopore)
7 Tao Pan Nov 18, 2021
Interferon inducible pseudouridine modification in human mRNA by quantitative nanopore profiling
8 Tao Pan Nov 18, 2021
Sorting of Drosophila small silencing RNAs partitions microRNA* strands into the RNA interference pathway
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11 Jia Xu Oct 31, 2009
High-througput Bacteria one hybrid (B1H) selections for all Drosophila homeodomain proteins
  • Link icon Drosophila melanogaster
128 Scot Wolfe Nov 13, 2010
Heterochromatin remodeling by CDK12 contributes to learning in Drosophila
  • Link icon Drosophila melanogaster
16 Li xia Pan Nov 02, 2015
PRC1 facilitates stage-specific enhancer-promoter contacts during Drosophila development
  • Link icon Drosophila melanogaster
46 Vincent Loubiere Jan 12, 2020
microRNA-252 and FoxO repress inflammaging by a dual inhibitory mechanism on Dawdle mediated TGF-β pathway in Drosophila muscle
  • Link icon Drosophila melanogaster
5 jing zhao Jan 01, 2021
HyDrop: droplet-based scATAC-seq and scRNA-seq using dissolvable hydrogel beads
20 Stein Aerts Jun 04, 2021
Asynchronous transcription and translation of neurotrasmitter-related genes characterize the initial stages of neuronal maturation in Drosophila
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2 Catarina CF Homem Apr 19, 2023
A novel immune modulator IM33 mediates a glia-microbiota-neuronal axis that controls lifespan
  • Link icon Drosophila melanogaster
3 Jonathan Kipnis Jul 21, 2023
Neural connectivity molecules best identify the heterogeneous clock and dopaminergic cell types in the Drosophila adult brain
  • Link icon Drosophila melanogaster
25 Michael Rosbash Feb 25, 2023
Profiling Drosophila third instar larval eye discs with disruptions in Hippo and Rbf pathways by 10X single-cell RNA-Sequencing
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Elizaveta V Benevolenskaya Aug 04, 2023
Transcriptomic Response of Adult Fruit Flies to Arsenite Exposure
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Jason M Tennessen Jun 26, 2023
A PRE loop at the dac locus acts as a topological chromatin structure that restricts and specifies enhancer promoter communication
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62 Bernd Schuettengruber Jun 13, 2024
Whole organism snRNA-seq reveals systemic peripheral changes in Alzheimer’s Disease fly models
  • Link icon Drosophila melanogaster
28 Hongjie Li Mar 14, 2024