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Epigenetic regulation of transcription and virulence in Trypanosoma cruzi by O-linked thymine glucosylation of DNA
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8 Daniel Nilsson Jan 21, 2011
Characterization of the small RNA content of Trypanosoma cruzi extracellular vesicles
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3 Ethel Bayer-Santos Jul 15, 2014
Trypanosoma cruzi mini-exon based mRNA amplification technique
46 Christian Macagnan Probst Jul 31, 2017
Ribonomic identification of mRNAs associated with RNA binding proteins TcRBP7 and TcRBP40 from Trypanosoma cruzi
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9 Saloe Bispo Poubel Nov 15, 2018
Global changes in nitration levels and DNA binding profile of Trypanosoma cruzi histones induced by incubation with host extracellular matrix
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4 Rubens Daniel Miserani Magalhães Jun 17, 2020
Differential transcriptome of human dendritic cells at first contact with Trypanosoma cruzi reveals response to virus as a central unexplored pathway
12 Taina Raiol Mar 31, 2021
Gene expression profiling of Trypanosoma cruzi in the presence of heme points to glycosomal metabolic adaptation of epimastigotes inside the vector
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5 Fei Sang Apr 21, 2021
Experimental and Bioinformatic upgrade for genome-wide mapping of nucleosomes in Trypanosoma cruzi
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4 Josefina Ocampo Oct 23, 2023