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Identification of building principles of methylation states at CG rich regions by high-throughput editing of a mammalian genome
19 Dirk Schuebeler Sep 30, 2014
Cis-regulatory landscape of four cell types of the retina
64 Dirk Schuebeler Oct 25, 2017
Distinct roles for motif affinity, chromatin state, and co-regulatory motifs in PPARγ binding and enhancer activity
21 Sharon R Grossman Feb 03, 2017
Genome-wide CRISPR-Cas9 interrogation of splicing networks reveals a mechanism for recognition of autism-misregulated neuronal microexons
122 Ulrich Braunschweig Oct 12, 2018
Parallel functional testing identifies enhancers active in early postnatal mouse brain
15 Alexander Star Nord Apr 15, 2021