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Functional Identification of Critical Bmi1 target genes in Neural Progenitor and Malignant Glioma cells
42 Gaetano Gargiulo May 21, 2013
Genome wide TFIIB binding during postnatal and pressure-induced cardiac hypertrophy
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4 Danish Sayed Nov 17, 2014
Genome-wide Analysis of Sp6/Epiprofin DNA Binding Sites in the Developing Mouse Molar Using ChIP-seq Analysis
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4 Yasuo Yoshitomi Nov 23, 2021
ALKBH5 regulates anti-PD-1 therapy response by modulating lactate and suppressive immune cell accumulation in tumor microenvironment
21 Na Li Aug 10, 2020
Dynamic BRG1 Recruitment During T Helper Differentiation And Activation Reveals Distal Regulatory Elements
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7 Supriyo De Mar 01, 2011
Rapid and Pervasive Changes in Genome-Wide Enhancer Usage During Mammalian Development
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48 Alex S Nord Dec 19, 2013
Dynamics of Genomic H3K27me3 Domains and Role of EZH2 during Pancreatic Endocrine Specification
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10 Gregory Donahue Jul 28, 2014
Programming and inheritance of parental DNA methylomes in mammals
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13 Lu Wang May 12, 2014
RAR/RXR binding dynamics distinguishes pluripotency from differentiation-associated cis-regulatory elements
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23 Philippe Veber Apr 17, 2015
Gene silencing triggers Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 recruitment to CpG islands genome-wide [ChIP-seq_drugs]
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20 Kristian Helin Jul 03, 2014
Genome accessibility is widely preserved and locally modulated during mitosis [Dnase-seq]
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12 Ross Hardison Oct 01, 2014
m6A mRNA Methylation Facilitates Resolution of Naïve Pluripotency Towards Differentiation (m6a-seq)
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18 Noa Novershtern Nov 02, 2014
Oct1 and OCA-B are Selectively Required for CD4 Memory T Cell Formation and Function (ChIP-seq)
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6 Dean Tantin Sep 17, 2015
A comprehensive Xist interactome reveals cohesin repulsion and an RNA-directed chromosome conformation
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42 John Edward Froberg Jun 19, 2015
Single-cell chromatin profiles reveal a spectrum of stem cell epigenetic states
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123 oren ram Oct 12, 2015
AP-1 family members act at DNA targets in conjunction with Sox9 to promote chondrocyte hypertrophy
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6 Xinjun He Feb 29, 2016
N6-methyladenosine-Mediated Nuclear Export of Messenger RNA
38 Ian Roundtree Oct 12, 2017
The dual role of LSD1 and HDAC3 in STAT5-dependent transcription is determined by protein interactions, binding affinities, motifs and genomic positions [ChIP-seq]
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13 Aikaterini Nanou Nov 30, 2016
Genome-wide map of DNA 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine in cardiomyocytes isolated from E14.5, Neonatal, Adult, pressure-overload (TAC), sh-control and sh-TET2 isolated cardiomyocytes
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22 Paolo Kunderfranco Jun 21, 2016
LIM-Domain-Binding 1 maintains the terminally-differentiated state of pancreatic β-cells
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21 Hee-Woong Lim Dec 31, 2016