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A comparative encyclopedia of DNA elements in the mouse genome
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588 ENCODE DCC Aug 14, 2013
DNA replication-timing boundaries separate stable chromosome domains with cell-type-specific functions
993 ENCODE DCC Nov 20, 2014
Mouse regulatory DNA landscapes reveal global principles of cis-regulatory evolution
266 ENCODE DCC Nov 20, 2014
Conservation of mouse-human trans-regulatory circuitry despite high cis-regulatory divergence
32 ENCODE DCC Nov 19, 2014
Chromatin accessibility differences between alpha, beta, and delta cells identifies common and cell type-specific enhancers
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7 Mark O. Huising Jan 19, 2023
Stepwise chromatin and transcriptional acquisition of an intraepithelial lymphocyte program
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40 Tiago Castro Jan 04, 2021
Histone methyltransferase Ezh2 coordinates mammalian axon regeneration via regulation of key regenerative pathways
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Xuewei Wang Dec 22, 2023
Diet-induced chromatin remodeling in mice livers
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20 Amy Leung Jul 17, 2014
Regulation of chromatin accessibility and Zic binding at enhancers in the developing cerebellum
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63 Christopher L Frank Feb 27, 2015
Molecular profiling of mouse Dnmt3a/FLT3-ITD leukemia models
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56 Margaret Goodell May 19, 2016
Identification of in vivo DNA-binding mechanisms of Pax6 and reconstruction of Pax6-dependent gene regulatory networks during lens and forebrain development
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24 Shira Rockowitz Jul 09, 2015
Genome-wide mapping of PRDM15 binding in pluripotent mouse Embryonic Stem Cells (mESCs)
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11 Jingxian Zhang Jul 24, 2017
LncRNA DINO guides DNA damage signaling
56 Adam Schmitt Dec 30, 2015
The Schizophrenia Risk Gene Product Satb2 Regulates miRNAs Expression and Long-Term Memory in Adult CNS
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40 Gaurav Jain Dec 12, 2016
CHD7 and Runx1 interaction provides a braking mechanism for hematopoietic differentiation
33 Leonard Zon Jan 01, 2023
Opposing macrophage-polarization programs show extensive epigenomic and transcriptional cross-talk [ChIP_narrow]
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22 Viviana Piccolo Mar 02, 2017
Opposing macrophage-polarization programs show extensive epigenomic and transcriptional cross-talk
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80 Viviana Piccolo Mar 02, 2017
DHX9 suppresses spurious RNA processing defects originating from the Alu invasion of the human genome [uvCLAP CLIP-seq]
52 Asifa Akhtar Mar 28, 2017
YY1 and CTCF Orchestrate a 3D Chromatin Looping Switch during Early Neural Lineage Commitment
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16 Jennifer E Phillips-Cremins May 22, 2017
Layer-specific ATAC-seq of the neurons of adult mouse visual cortex defined by Cre-driver lines
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20 Lucas T Gray Jan 01, 2017