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Transcriptional Activation of Regenerative Haematopoiesis via Niche Sensing
42 Tomer Itkin Apr 01, 2024
The nuclear receptors ERRα and PPARα co-ordinately control starvation-induced gene expression in hepatocytes.
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Karolien De Bosscher Apr 01, 2024
Amygdalostriatal transition zone neurons encode sustained valence to direct conditioned behaviors
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12 Kay Tye Apr 01, 2024
Multiome (GEX + ATAC) profile at single cell level of Foxf1 positive endothelial cells and mesenchymal cells from mouse lung at E18.5
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5 Guolun Wang Apr 01, 2024
Regulation of IkB kinase family crosstalk by an N4BP1-caspase-8 axis [scRNA-seq]
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4 Rohit Reja Apr 01, 2024
tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T cells from tumor-bearing mice transferred Nrf2-deficient CD8+ T cells.
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11 YUNA JO Apr 01, 2024
Single nuclei RNAseq of the periosteal response to bone fracture in mice
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6 Céline Colnot Apr 01, 2024
Epithelial-Immune Metabolic Codependency Fuels Inflammatory Disease
38 Shruti Naik Apr 01, 2024
CD4+ T cells and Bcl3
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80 Caspar Ohnmacht Apr 01, 2024
The epigenetic regulator BAP1 is required before birth for differentiation and maintenance of the postnatal enteric nervous system in mice.
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2 Katherine Beigel Apr 01, 2024
Single-cell RNA profiling of the kidney in fructose overdose model using db/db mice
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3 Hiroaki Tsuruta Apr 01, 2024
Single-nucleus RNA-seq identifies one galanin neuronal subtype in mouse preoptic hypothalamus activated during recovery sleep after sleep deprivation
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19 Allan I Pack Apr 01, 2024
Single cell RNA sequencing reveals heterogeneity and dynamics of mouse early inguinal white adipose tissue (iWAT) during development
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5 Yeung Sivannn Apr 01, 2024
Epidermal Growth Factor Rejuvenates Aged Hematopoietic Stem Cells
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4 AGCT Core Apr 01, 2024
Tissue-specific immune transcriptional signatures in the bordering tissues of the mouse brain and retina
3 Paul James Whatmore Apr 01, 2024