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Identification of Hedgehog signaling responsive genes in A. sagrei and M. musculus via transcriptional profiling
29 Douglas Menke Dec 15, 2023
Multi-species tomo-sequencing identifies new major hematopoietic stem cell regulators in the microenvironment of the embryonic aorta
27 Catherine Robin Jun 05, 2020
Comparative transcriptomic and epigenomic analysis identifies key regulators of injury response and neurogenic competence in retinal glia
145 Jie Wang May 01, 2020
IL-6/Stat3-Dependent Induction of Distinct, Obesity-Associated Natural Killer Cells Deteriorates Energy and Glucose Homeostasis
63 Sebastian Theurich Jul 05, 2017
Transcriptome Mapping of Internal N7-methylguanosine Methylome in Mammalian mRNA
104 Li-Sheng Zhang Apr 26, 2019
Characterization of human mosaic Rett syndrome brain tissue by single-nucleus RNA sequencing (Single-cell or single-nuclei RNA sequencing)
10 Will Renthal Nov 15, 2018
The p30 isoform of CEBPA uncovers a silent enhancer to drive the expression of the tumor promotive factor CD73 in CEBPA mutant AML
35 Janus Schou Jakobsen Jul 30, 2019
The MEK5-ERK5 Kinase Axis Controls Lipid Metabolism in Small Cell Lung Cancer
29 Sandra Cristea Oct 17, 2021
The Type I interferon response impairs differentiation potential of pluripotent stem cells [seq]
76 Julie Anne Eggenberger Nov 22, 2018
Control of noncoding RNA production and histone levels by a 5’ tRNA fragment
48 Mike Levine Jan 17, 2020
Sequencing of metabolically labeled transcripts in single cells from RPE1-FUCCI cells and murine intestinal organoids.
80 Nico Battich Mar 05, 2020
Identification of renal resident macrophages across species [C1]
97 Kurt Zimmerman Apr 05, 2019
MLL-Menin inhibition reverses pre-leukemic progenitor self-renewal induced by NPM1c mutations [RNA-Seq]
118 Charlie Hatton Feb 11, 2020
SCDC: Deconvolution of Bulk Gene Expression by Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data
8 Charles M. Perou Aug 30, 2019
Che-1/AATF-induced transcriptionally active chromatin promotes cell proliferation in Multiple Myeloma
33 Maurizio Fanciulli Dec 08, 2020
A ubiquitin ligase mediates target-directed microRNA decay independently of tailing and trimming [small RNA-seq]
18 Joshua Mendell Nov 13, 2020
Complex-dependent histone acetyltransferase activity of KAT8 determines its role in transcriptional regulation and cellular homeostasis (ChIP-sequecing data)
39 Aliaksandra Radzisheuskaya Feb 28, 2021
Bone invigorates metstatic seeding [evolving barcode]
104 Igor L. Bado Apr 29, 2021
Epigenomic Activation of Enhancers in Granule Cell Precursors by CHARGE Syndrome Protein CHD7 Regulates Gyrification of the Mammalian Cerebellum
104 Naveen Reddy Apr 07, 2021
Genome-wide ZNF410 binding sites identified by CUT&RUN in HUDEP-2, human CD34+ HSPCs and MEL cells.
20 Divya Vinjamur Feb 05, 2021