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An alternative pluripotent state confers interspecies chimaeric competency
42 Christopher Benner May 06, 2015
Impaired DNA demethylation of C/EBP sites causes premature aging
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58 Emil Karaulanov Jun 11, 2018
Analysis of gene expression in populations of adult undifferentiated spermatogonia
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16 Robin Mark Hobbs Jul 26, 2018
Dual checkpoint blockade of CD47 and PD-L1 using a novel affinity-tuned bispecific antibody maximizes anti-tumor immunity
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33 Wenjing Yanf Oct 15, 2021
Single-cell sequencing reveals PDFGRα+ stromal cell subpopulations that promote proacinar differentiation in embryonic salivary gland organoids
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15 Nicholas Moskwa Mar 01, 2022
Single cell RNA-seq of liver cells from B6J mice fed a chow or a high-fat-and-high-sucrose diet
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4 Simeng Wang Sep 01, 2021
Lymphatic endothelial cell identity is controlled by a GATA2 bound enhancer
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22 John Toubia Nov 21, 2022
Phosphorylated nuclear DICER1 promotes open chromatin state and gastric cell fate in lung adenocarcinomas
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18 Raisa Reyes-Castro Aug 08, 2023
Extensive Nuclear Reprogramming Underlies Lineage Conversion into Functional Trophoblast Stem-like Cells
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10 Yossi buganim Oct 01, 2015
Unexpected role of interferon-g in regulating neuronal connectivity and social behavior
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6 Christopher Overall Sep 06, 2016
Next Generation Sequencing of megakaryocyte-erythrocyte progenitor cells (MEPs) with or without mutations in JAK2 and Ezh2
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29 DBM Bioinformatics Core Facility Jun 24, 2016
Loss of Ezh2 synergizes with JAK2-V617F in initiating myeloproliferative neoplasms and promoting myelofibrosis
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DBM Bioinformatics Core Facility Jun 24, 2016
Murine myeloid response to experimental fibrosis
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6 Stephane Le Crom Aug 24, 2017
Single-cell sequencing reveals dissociation-induced gene expression in tissue subpopulations
21 Susanne C van den Brink Sep 28, 2017
A novel requirement for Drosha in maintenance of mammalian CG methylation
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12 Robert J Schmitz Jul 27, 2017
RNA sequencing of CDH1+/THY1+ and CDH1-/THY1+ germline stem cells
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6 Aaron Buechlein Mar 01, 2017
A single-cell survey of the small intestinal epithelium
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1957 Adam Haber Nov 06, 2017
Single-cell RNA-seq of Lgr5-eGFP+ intestinal stem cells upon Wnt and R-spondin modulation in vivo
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14 Kelley Yan May 04, 2017
Chromatin Open/Close Logic in Cellular Reprogramming [RNA-Seq]
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26 dongwei Li Dec 09, 2017
Expression Profiling of MEFs and SKOM induced reprogramming cells after modulation of Cell cycle and Dnmt1 expression
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21 Hui Zheng Oct 13, 2017