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How C/EBPa creates an elite cell state for reprogramming to pluripotency
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68 samuel Collombet Feb 19, 2016
ImmGen Cytokines: Interferons
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175 CBDM Lab Nov 24, 2015
Cell-type dependent enhancer binding of the EWS/ATF1 fusion gene in clear cell sarcomas
35 Yasuhiro Yamada Jul 18, 2019
Srf destabilizes cell identity
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41 Takashi Ikeda Apr 18, 2018
Neuronal activity, TGFβ signaling and unpredictable chronic stress affect transcription of Gadd45 family members in vitro and in vivo
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15 Henriette Franz Dec 31, 2017
The genomic distribution and gene expression profiling of cardiomyocyte-enriched populations
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42 Simone Serio Aug 30, 2017
Genome-nuclear lamina interactions regulate progenitor cell lineage restriction during cardiogenesis
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21 Michael Patrick Morley Oct 12, 2017
Impaired DNA demethylation of C/EBP sites causes premature aging
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58 Emil Karaulanov Jun 11, 2018
In vivo reprogramming drives Kras-induced cancer development
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22 Yasuhiro Yamada May 16, 2018
MafB enhances oncogenic Notch signaling in T-ALL
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11 Robert Babak Faryabi Oct 17, 2017
Profiling of transcription and chromatin accessibility of leukemic stem cells
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9 Lawrence Lum Mar 05, 2018
PTEN interacts with the transcription machinery on chromatin and regulates RNA polymerase II-mediated transcription
32 Ramon Parsons Apr 03, 2019
Transcriptional down-regulation of metabolic genes by Gdown1 ablation induces quiescent cell re-entry into the cell cycle
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28 Miki JIshage Jan 06, 2021
Phosphorylated nuclear DICER1 promotes open chromatin state and gastric cell fate in lung adenocarcinomas
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18 Raisa Reyes-Castro Aug 08, 2023
Rlf, a widely-spaced zinc finger protein, is involved in maintaining epigenetic marks at CpG island shores and enhancer elements across the genome
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22 Harald Oey Mar 24, 2015
Prevalent p53 gain-of-function mutants co-opt epigenetic pathways to drive cancer growth
15 Morgan Sammons Jul 31, 2015
Transcriptional and Epigenomic profile of GSK126 or dox-mediated Ezh2 inhibition in KrasG12D/+;Trp53-/-;Ezh2i-GFP-2A-rTA;Luc lung tumors in vivo
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18 Gaetano Gargiulo Apr 01, 2018
Genome-wide distribution and function of ATP-dependent chromatin remodelers in embryonic stem cells
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44 Matthieu GERARD Jan 26, 2016
PML protein organizes heterochromatin domains where it regulates histone H3.3 deposition by ATRX/DAXX
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20 Philippe Collas Mar 06, 2017
Dynamics of 5-hmC in cardiac maturation and hypertrophy
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34 Paolo Kunderfranco Jun 21, 2016