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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterPlatform: GPL19057 Remove filterMus musculus Remove filterJan 01, 2024
Dynamics of NRSF/REST motif evolution favor the canonical NRSE/RE1 form
9 Shan Jiang Jan 01, 2024
Effect of neutrophil extracellular vesicles treatment on the K/BxN mouse model of arthritis
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24 Trinidad Montero Jan 01, 2024
Transcriptomic analysis of arginine- and leucine-starved mouse embryonic stem cells (Wild type and GCN2-deficient)
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18 Marion Russier Jan 01, 2024
Themis directs T cell exhaustion by promoting PD-1 signaling and key transcription factors TCF-1 and TOX expression
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48 ChangChun Xiao Jan 01, 2024
Krüppel-like factor 2 in VCAM1+ endothelial cells is a critical regulator of vascular inflammation
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6 Hao Kan Jan 01, 2024
RNAseq and scRNAseq analysis of UPFL mouse tumors
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12 William Kim Jan 01, 2024
Mitf is a Schwann Cell Sensor of Axonal Integrity that Drives Nerve Repair
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82 Samuel L Pfaff Jan 01, 2024
Transcriptomic analysis of corona radiata cells after hormonal stimulation (PMSG/hCG)
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9 yoan renaud Jan 01, 2024
Transcriptomic analysis of mouse ovary post-PMSG induction 40h
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9 yoan renaud Jan 01, 2024
Differential gene expression in beta cells and non-beta cells from islets of NOD mice
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12 Hui Pan Jan 01, 2024
B3GALT6 Promotes Dormant Breast Cancer Cell Survival and Recurrence by Enabling Heparan Sulfate-Mediated FGF Signaling
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60 Lewis Chodosh Jan 01, 2024
Jun is a key Regulator of Prostate Cancer Progression and Immune Microenvironment Dynamics
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19 Torben Redmer Jan 01, 2024
Bulk RNA-seq of Sox9-deficient intrahepatic biliary epithelial cells
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6 Adam Gracz Jan 01, 2024
Transcriptome analysis of long non-coding RNAs in Mycobacterium avium complex-infected macrophages
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32 Shiori Maeda Jan 01, 2024
Uveitic glaucoma-like features in Yap conditional knockout mice
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6 Jerome Eric Roger Jan 01, 2024
Enhancing radiotherapy response via intratumoral injection of the TLR9 agonist CpG to stimulate CD8 T cells in an autochthonous mouse model of sarcoma (single-cell RNA-seq analysis)
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20 Vincent Michael Perez Jan 01, 2024