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Molecular and functional heterogeneity of IL-10-producing CD4+ T cells
776 Babett Steglich Nov 07, 2018
Immunotherapy against amyloid beta is modulated by meningeal lymphatic function
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56 Jonathan Kipnis Mar 11, 2021
IL-23 promotes a coordinated B-cell germinal center program for class-switch recombination to IgG2b in BXD2 mice
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10 Min Gao May 14, 2020
Single-cell RNAseq of CD45+ cells in murine gastric cancer.
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2 Koji Nagaoka Oct 28, 2020
T cell receptor is required for differentiation but not maintenance of intestinal CD4+ intraepithelial lymphocytes
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28 Tiago Castro Oct 02, 2020
Single-cell lineage mapping of a diverse virus-specific naïve CD4 T cell repertoire
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10 Weiguo Cui Nov 10, 2020
Single-cell atlas reveals meningeal leukocyte heterogeneity in the developing mouse brain
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12 Xiaoyang Wang Jul 23, 2021
Single-cell lineage tracing of metastatic cancer reveals selection of hybrid EMT states
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24 Kamen P Simeonov Jun 09, 2021
Single cell analysis of meningeal ectopic lymphoid tissue and lumbar lymph nodes in a spontaneous EAE model
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16 Gildas Lepennetier Nov 01, 2023
Single-cell gene expression of virus-specific CD4 T cells in response to acute and chronic infection
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16 Thomas Ciucci Sep 21, 2021
Clonal lineage tracing reveals shared origin of conventional and plasmacytoid dendritic cells
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112 Alireza Khodadadi-Jamayran Feb 16, 2022
Thymic epithelial cells co-opt lineage-defining transcription factors to eliminate autoreactive T cells
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82 CBDM Lab Jun 16, 2022
Identification of highly cross-reactive mimotopes for a public T cell response in murine melanoma
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6 Duncan Matthew Morgan Feb 15, 2022
Variant-specific vaccination induces systems immune responses and potent in vivo protection against SARS-CoV-2
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120 Sidi Chen Apr 25, 2022
A ketogenic diet can revert acquired resistance to immunotherapy in prostate cancer through β-hydroxybutyrate-mediated inhibition of histone deacetylases
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6 Xin Lu Feb 13, 2024
scRNA-seq of male mouse aorta collected over the light-dark cycle
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20 Garret A. FitzGerald Sep 13, 2022
MARCH1 controls an exhaustion-like program of effector CD4+ T cells promoting allergic airway inflammation
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2 Kamir Hiam-Galvez Aug 24, 2022
Combinatorial effects on gene expression at the Lbx1/Fgf8 locus resolve Split-Hand/Foot Malformation type 3 [scRNA-seq]
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6 Giulia Cova Feb 22, 2023
A monoclonal Trd chain supports the development of the complete set of functional γδ T cell lineages
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20 Simon Schaefer Mar 01, 2023
Microbial Energy Metabolism Fuels a CSF2-dependent Intestinal Macrophage Niche within Solitary Isolated Lymphoid Tissues via purinergic signaling.
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4 Arthur Mortha May 02, 2023