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Baf155 establishes chromatin priming to promote hematopoietic regeneration and function [single cell multiome - ATAC + GEX]
12 Changxu Fan Jul 09, 2024
Baf155 controls hematopoietic differentiation and regeneration through chromatin priming
24 Changxu Fan Jul 08, 2024
Single cell RNA-seq of eight thousand epithelium cells from the mammary glands of adult mice
2 Gordon K Smyth Nov 20, 2017
Single cell RNA-seq of mouse mammary gland epithelium cells
6 Gordon K Smyth Nov 20, 2017
NuRD complex recruitment to Thpok mediates CD4+ T cell lineage differentiation
4 Remy Bosselut Jun 10, 2022
Epigenetic regulation of profibrotic macrophages in systemic sclerosis- associated interstitial lung disease
17 Tracy Tabib Sep 02, 2022
A Transcriptomic Atlas of Mouse Neocortical Layers
19 T Grant Belgard Aug 24, 2011
DNA replication-timing boundaries separate stable chromosome domains with cell-type-specific functions
993 ENCODE DCC Nov 20, 2014
Self-reporting transposons enable simultaneous readout of gene expression and transcription factor binding in single cells
27 Robi D Mitra Jul 23, 2020
A transcriptional roadblock protects yeast centromeres
16 Glennis Amelia Logsdon Feb 07, 2022
s3-ATAC landscape of GEMM AML-derived CD8 T cells treated in vivo with JQ1 or vehicle
1 Andrew Adey Jun 05, 2022
Efficacy of antiviral therapy and host-virus interactions visualized using serial liver sampling with fine-needle aspirates
12 Adam Gehring Jun 07, 2023
Topoisomerase II binds nucleosome-free DNA and acts redundantly with Topoisomerase I to enhance recruitment of RNA Pol II in budding yeast
15 Adam S Sperling Aug 01, 2011
ALKBH5 regulates anti-PD-1 therapy response by modulating lactate and suppressive immune cell accumulation in tumor microenvironment
21 Na Li Aug 10, 2020
Stepwise chromatin and transcriptional acquisition of an intraepithelial lymphocyte program
40 Tiago Castro Jan 04, 2021
Interplay between PML NBs and HIRA for H3.3 deposition on transcriptionally active interferon-stimulated genes
8 Thomas Simonet May 30, 2023
Interplay between PML NBs and HIRA for H3.3 deposition on transcriptionally active interferon-stimulated genes
8 Armelle Corpet May 25, 2023
Interplay between c-Jun and TAp73α/β contributes to the apoptosis-survival balance
15 Marion Lohrum Mar 01, 2011
The tumor antigen PRAME is a substrate recognition subunit of a Cul2-based ubiquitin ligase and is associated with active NFY promoters
5 H.G. Stunnenberg Jul 29, 2011
Global Analysis of the Immediate Transcriptional Effects of Estrogen Signaling Reveals a Rapid, Extensive, and Transient Response
8 W. Lee Kraus May 06, 2011