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16S V3-V4 -based microbial profiling of duodenal mucosa samples obtained by esophagogastroduodenoscopy from patients affected by potential celiac disease and celiac disease
27 Matteo Ramazzotti Oct 19, 2022
Next generation sequencing of human cholangiocarcinoma cells and associated stem-like component
26 Matteo Ramazzotti Jun 01, 2022
16S V3-V4 -based microbial profiling of matched healthy and inflamed ileal mucosa from patients affected by Crohn’s disease
20 Matteo Ramazzotti Nov 22, 2021
Analysis of the microbiota composition of colorectal mucosa tissues and adjacent healthy tissues of 40 patients affected by colorectal cancer.
80 Matteo Ramazzotti Dec 17, 2020