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RNA sequencing of erythroid and granulomonocytic colonies differentiated from transduced bone marrow CD34+ cells expressing U2AF1 S34F mutation, U2AF1 wild-type or empty vector control
18 Stephen Taylor Apr 25, 2017
HeLa transcriptome induction by IFN gamma and indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO)
8 Stephen Taylor Feb 09, 2017
Erf chromatin binding-sites in E13.5 mouse embryo fibroblasts
2 Stephen Taylor Jan 15, 2013
Smchd1 dependent and independent pathways determine developmental dynamics of CpG island methylation on the inactive X chromosome.
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Stephen Taylor Oct 15, 2012
H3K27me3 is not required for recruitment of Polycomb repressor complex 1 to target loci in mouse embryonic stem cells
9 Stephen Taylor Nov 30, 2011
Genome-wide mapping of in vivo SCL/DNA interactions in erythroid cells
4 Stephen Taylor May 18, 2010