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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterSRA Run Selector Remove filterAug 25, 2018
Unique microglia recovery population revealed by single-cell RNAseq following neurodegeneration
16 Sagar - Aug 25, 2018
Effect for target mRNA degradation by methylated microRNAs
5 Ayumu Asai Aug 25, 2018
Methylated microRNAs in Pancreatic cancer cell lines
8 Ayumu Asai Aug 25, 2018
Quantitative analysis of Escherichia coli sigma factor alleles wildtype rpoS, rpoS819 and rpoS92 transcriptomes in stationary-phase (16 hours)
6 Savita Chib Aug 25, 2018
Effect of green tea extract on systemic metabolic homeostasis in diet-induced obese mice; based on RNA-sequencing transcriptome profiles
18 Ji-Young Choi Aug 25, 2018
Yap regulates glucose utilization and sustains nucleotide synthesis to enable organ growth
12 Wolfram Goessling Aug 25, 2018
RNA-Seq Analysis of Spinal Cord Tissues from hPFN1G118V Transgenic Mouse Model of ALS at Presymptomatic and End Stages of Disease
16 Kiaei Mahmoud Aug 25, 2018
Direct effects of Methamphetamine and HIV-1 Tat in the recruitment of RNA Polymerase to innate immune cell gene promoters
5 Maria Cecilia Marcondes Aug 25, 2018
RNA sequencing of FHR1-treated human monocytes
2 Christine Skerka Aug 25, 2018
*Possible corruption in count data files-update in progress* Disease-specific oligodendrocyte lineage cells express immunoprotective and adaptive immunity genes in multiple sclerosis
2208 David van Bruggen Aug 25, 2018