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Drop-Seq analysis of P17 FACS sorted retinal cells from the Tg(Chx10-EGFP/cre,-ALPP)2Clc or Vsx2-GFP transgenic line
6 Karthik Shekhar Aug 25, 2016
Identification of the human DPR core promoter element using machine learning
34 Long Vo ngoc Jun 04, 2020
Promoter nucleosome positioning in dendritic cells (DCs) and fibroblasts measured by ChIP-MNase-seq
15 Dominic van Essen Feb 04, 2020
Analysis of the Drosophila and Human DPR Elements Reveals a Distinct Human Variant Whose Specificity Can Be Enhanced by Machine Learning
2 Torrey E. Rhyne Apr 06, 2023
The Triptryium wilfordii derivative celastrol has anti-fibrotic effects in systemic sclerosis [Spatial Transcriptomics]
8 Andrew Leask Nov 01, 2023
Pax7 ablation model enables evaluation of stem cell niche formation in the absence of mouse Pax7 cell competition
4 Michael Hicks Sep 22, 2023
RNA sequencing of a C57BL/6J-DBA/2J (B6.D2) congenic mouse and C57BL/6J (B6) wild-type littermates reveals cis and trans differences in gene expression
32 Camron D. Bryant Dec 11, 2015
Circulating miR-181 is a prognostic biomarker for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
422 Iddo Magen Mar 12, 2021
Molecular correlates of vaccine-induced protection against typhoid fever
521 Henderson Zhu Jul 19, 2023
Single-cell RNA sequencing analysis of iPSC-derived motor neurons from an ALS patient carrying ATXN2 intermediate repeat expansions and a healthy control
4 R. Jeroen Pasterkamp Jul 16, 2024
Arabidopsis Col0 5 week-old plants: effect of DCMU on high-light treated plants
4 Ruben Alvarez-Fernandez Jun 01, 2017
Systemic stem cell activation following amputation primes distant appendages for future regeneration events in axolotl
18 Jessica Whited Jan 01, 2022
TsrA regulates gene expression of horizontally acquired elements in Vibrio cholerae via both H-NS dependent and independent mechanisms [RNA-Seq]
19 Yulduz Rakibova Feb 09, 2024
Batf3-dendritic cells and 4-1BB/4-1BB ligand axis are required at the effector phase within the tumor microenvironment for PD-1/PD-L1 blockade efficacy
10 Thomas Gajewski May 13, 2024
Single cell ATAC-seq identifies broad changes in neuronal abundance and gene regulation in Down Syndrome
8 Roman Spektor May 20, 2019
Single-cell transcriptomics of the embryonic mouse pancreas
58 Mauro Muraro Jun 28, 2019
MAT2A inhibitor in cancer cell lines
12 Katya Marjon Dec 09, 2020
RNA-seq of autistic and control cortex
24 Neelroop Parikshak Dec 09, 2014
Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer - Radiation Response Prediction Study - Serum Proteins
288 Anne Hansen Ree Apr 21, 2016
Gene expression in TAL1-driven T-cell ALL in response to TAL1-KD, UTX-KD, and GSKJ4 treatment
12 Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Feb 01, 2016