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Transcriptome data from Eomes-overexpressing Th17 cells
4 Matteo Ramazzotti Dec 01, 2018
Exploring the microbiota pecularity in stool and biopsies of Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (EGPA) patients
45 Matteo Ramazzotti Jun 29, 2022
Comparing the microbiota composition between Cocaine addicted and Healthy subjects and the corresponding shift caused by rTMS treatment.
159 Matteo Ramazzotti May 31, 2023
Evaluating the gut microbiota shifts caused by two diets based on ancient grains
74 Matteo Ramazzotti Aug 24, 2022
Survey of microbiota composition differences between obese subjects before and after Lactiplantibacillus plantarum probiotic treatment
68 Matteo Ramazzotti May 03, 2023
Evaluating the microbiota shift caused by Msc knock-out in wild type and DSS-induced colitis mice
16 Matteo Ramazzotti Jan 06, 2024
Aging-related changes of facial skin microbiome in healthy women.
15 Matteo Ramazzotti Feb 24, 2023
Comparing the adrenal gland microbiota composition between healthy subjects and patient with adrenal corticoma
35 Matteo Ramazzotti Sep 20, 2023
16S V3-V4 -based microbial profiling of matched healthy and inflamed ileal mucosa from patients affected by Crohn’s disease
20 Matteo Ramazzotti Nov 22, 2021
Analysis of the microbiota composition of colorectal mucosa tissues and adjacent healthy tissues of 40 patients affected by colorectal cancer.
80 Matteo Ramazzotti Dec 17, 2020
16S V3-V4 -based microbial profiling of duodenal mucosa samples obtained by esophagogastroduodenoscopy from patients affected by potential celiac disease and celiac disease
27 Matteo Ramazzotti Oct 19, 2022
16S V3-V4 -based microbial profiling of matched healthy and inflamed ileal mucosa from patients affected by Crohn’s disease (set 2)
26 Matteo Ramazzotti Jul 21, 2022
16S V3-V4 -based microbial profiling of stool, skin and saliva samples of patients affected by systemic sclerosis (SSc)
78 Matteo Ramazzotti Dec 28, 2023
Microbiota exploring in CAVD: the potential fil rouge from aortic valve calcification to infiltrating bacteria
20 Matteo Ramazzotti Feb 08, 2023
Analysis of microbiota composition within breast tumor and healthy breast tissues in males and females
41 Matteo Ramazzotti Jun 14, 2023
Comparing the microbiota composition between HPV positive and negative patients with CRC
22 Matteo Ramazzotti Oct 15, 2023
First exploration of the altered microbial gut-lung axis in the pathogenesis of human refractory chronic cough
39 Matteo Ramazzotti Apr 17, 2024
DSS-colitis induced in young age accelerates the onset of cognitive defects in Tg2576 mice, a model of Alzheimer disease
44 Matteo Ramazzotti May 29, 2024
Experimental tests strongly challenge the evidence of a healthy human blood microbiome
15 Matteo Ramazzotti Mar 01, 2024
Next generation sequencing of human cholangiocarcinoma cells and associated stem-like component
26 Matteo Ramazzotti Jun 01, 2022