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Osteoblast-intrinsic defect in glucose metabolism impairs bone formation in type II diabetic male mice.
2 Fanxin Long May 15, 2023
A gastruloid model of the interaction between embryonic and extra-embryonic cell types
6 Stefan Semrau Jun 16, 2022
Planar cell polarity proteins mediate ketamine-induced restoration of glutamatergic synapses in prefrontal cortical neurons in a mouse model for chronic stress
20 Andiara Espindola de Freitas Jun 20, 2024
10X Gemonics Single-cell RNA sequence of ovaries at P1,P14,W8,M8 and M12
9 Wenjie Shu Dec 31, 2022
10X Genomics single-cell RNAseq combined with CRISPR tiling of Dot1l in mouse MLL-AF9 leukemia
2 LU YANG Jun 02, 2021
10X Visium Spatial transcriptomics of murine colon in steady state and during recovery after DSS colitis
2 Ludvig Ale Larsson Dec 05, 2021
10X genomics scRNA-seq of testicular THY1+ cells in adult C57 mice
4 Cheng Jin Aug 21, 2023
10X genomics single-cell RNA sequencing of the testicular Thy1+ spermatogonia in Foxc2f/+ and Foxc2f/-;Ddx4-cre mice
8 Cheng Jin Aug 21, 2023
10X single-cell RNA-seq profiling of T cells from the pancreas, pancreatic lymph nodes, and blood of NOD mice with spontaneous or anti-PD-1-induced Type 1 Diabetes
27 Jenna Lynn Collier Jul 05, 2023
10X single-cell RNASeq profiling of immune infiltrate from mutant IDH1 ICC tumors treated with AG120 (mIDH1 inhibitor) or vehicle
8 Kira Eileen Olander Nov 22, 2021
10x Genomics single-cell RNA-seq of isolated Adult ID4-EGFP-bright mouse spermatogonia treated with Rapamycin
3 Brian P. Hermann Feb 18, 2021
10x Single-cell Gene expression analysis of pMHC-NP-induced Tet+ cells and anti-CD3-induced IL-10-producing cells
8 Pere Santamaria Mar 27, 2023
10x Single-cell Sequencing for Smad3 wild-type and knockout neutrophils
2 Patrick Ming-Kuen Tang Mar 16, 2023
14-3-3 protein constrains insulin secretion in pancreatic beta-cells by regulating mitochondrial function
6 Cheng Zhao Mar 31, 2022
3D genome structures of single differentiating mouse ES cells reveal a unique reorganisation of chromatin in the formative state
101 David Lando Jan 19, 2024
3D reconstruction of the mouse cochlea from scRNA-seq data suggests morphogen-based principles in apex-to-base specification
4 Joerg Waldhaus Mar 04, 2024
9sCa: MSL2 is an allelic dosage sensor in mammals
244 Asifa Akhtar Aug 10, 2023
A 5:2 intermittent fasting regimen initiated in the active phase ameliorates NASH, fibrosis and blunts HCC development via hepatic PPARα and PCK1
39 Mathias Heikenwälder May 29, 2024
A Cdh3 - b-Catenin - Laminin signaling axis by a subset of breast tumor leader cells controls leader cell polarization and directional collective migration
4 Greg Longmore Nov 25, 2022
A Cellular Atlas of the Down Syndrome Brain Identifies Accelerated Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cell Senescence
12 Brian Kalish Sep 14, 2023