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Balanced SET levels favor the correct enhancer repertoire during cell fate acquisition
80 Luca Massimino Sep 12, 2022
Joint epigenome profiling reveals cell-type-specific gene regulatory programs in human cortical organoids
27 Boyan Bonev Aug 23, 2023
SWI/SNF inactivation in the endometrial epithelium leads to loss of epithelial integrity
16 Ronald L. Chandler Oct 20, 2020
An activity-specificity trade-off encoded in human transcription factors
100 Alexandre P Magalhaes Feb 27, 2024
TMEM106B reduction or partial depletion does not rescue GRN haploinsufficiency in mouse and iPSC-derived human microglia cell models.
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Benjamin I Laufer Nov 15, 2023
Imaging and multi-omics datasets converge to define different neural progenitor origins for ATRT-SHH subgroups
69 Mamy Jean de Dieu ANDRIANTERANAGNA Sep 20, 2023
Translatome and transcriptome analysis of resting B and T cells from mice
8 G Aneeshkumar Arimbasseri Aug 07, 2019
RNA-seq on miRNA induced mouse keratinocytes. miR-200b cluster and miR-205.
10 Glen Bjerke Feb 26, 2020
Comparative transcriptomics between species to assess the immune mechanisms underlying the increased reactogenicity of the four component meningococcal capsular group B vaccine when given concomitantly with routinely-administered vaccines
27 Dylan Sheerin Jun 06, 2019
H3K4methylation in Setd1a loss-of-function Raw264.7 cells upon LPS or Dex+LPS stimulation
48 Franziska Greulich Dec 31, 2020
RNA-seq analysis of subcutaneus inguinal adipose tissue from Tmem120a fat specific knockout mice (females)
20 Shaun Michael Webb Jun 10, 2021
SWI/SNF inactivation in the endometrial epithelium leads to loss of epithelial integrity [Mouse EPCAM]
7 Ronald L. Chandler Oct 20, 2020
Febrile temperature change modulates CD4 T cell differentiation via a TRPV channel-regulated Notch-dependent pathway 
9 G Aneeshkumar Arimbasseri Aug 13, 2020
Microglia-specific overexpression of alpha-Synuclein leads to severe dopaminergic neurodegeneration by phagocytic exhaustion and oxidative toxicity
11 Luca Massimino Sep 13, 2021
Long-lasting Analgesia via Targeted in situ Repression of NaV1.7
10 Prashant Mali Jan 01, 2022
Targeted high-resolution chromosome conformation capture at genome-wide scale in mouse erythroid cells
3 Damien Downes Oct 28, 2020
Next generation sequencing of RNA of WT, KO and MLL-AF9 transformed HSPCS
14 Stefan J. Erkeland Nov 01, 2021
Next generation sequencing of RNA of MLL-AF9-139 cells treated with and without Doxycycline
10 Stefan J. Erkeland Nov 01, 2021
High dose IFN-𝛽 activates GAF to enhance expression of ISGF3 target genes in epithelial cells
70 Quen Cheng Mar 05, 2021
Co-condensation between transcription factor and coactivator p300 modulates transcriptional bursting kinetics
4 Yihan Lin Feb 28, 2022