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Blood DNA methylation altered by Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in mice
151 Russell Ault May 24, 2024
Tagln+ progenitors contribute to the development and maintenance of nucleus pulposus
8 Peikai Chen May 14, 2024
Metabolic rewiring tunes dermal macrophages in staphylococcal skin infection [RNA-seq dataset 2]
12 Aaron James Forde May 01, 2024
Orchestrating endothelial cell fate regulation and function during multiple organs’ development, stress and aging at single cell resolution
4059 Yaxi Liu Apr 30, 2024
Direct neuronal reprogramming of mouse astrocytes is associated with multiscale epigenome remodeling and requires Yy1
64 Boyan Bonev Apr 30, 2024
Next-generation sequencing analysis of 7-month-old SRSF2 flox/flox and SRSF2-PKO mice pancreatic islet transcriptome
2 WENJU QIAN Apr 28, 2024
Next Generation Sequencing Analysis of Gene expression of Min6 insulinoma cell line transfected with siNC, siSRSF1 or siSRSF2
3 WENJU QIAN Apr 28, 2024
Hepatocytes cyclooxygenase-2 deficiency improves liver injury via inhibition of endoplasmic reticulum stress and epithelial-mesenchymal transition
9 Yang Tai Apr 28, 2024
Plasmacytoid dendritic cells regulate megakaryocyte and platelet homeostasis in steady state and disease
7 Anne Dueck Apr 26, 2024
Premature aging in growth-plate and periosteum resident skeletal stem cells is responsible for bone loss
28 Dandan Cao Apr 24, 2024
Fusobacterium nucleatum Induces PD-L1 Expression by Tumor-Associated Macrophages and Inhibits Anti-Tumor Immunity in Colorectal Cancer.
6 Xie qin Apr 19, 2024
Loss of retinoic acid signaling drives immune escape in IDH mutant gliomas
4 Nduka Amankulor Apr 19, 2024
RNA sequencing for the gene expression profile changes of shPdgf-d and shControl mESCs
6 Weisi Lu Apr 15, 2024
Hnrnpk is essential for embryonic limb bud development as a transcription activator and insulator collaborator
34 Yuyu Chen Apr 15, 2024
A critical requirement for IκBα in controlling dormancy in Hematopoietic stem cells via retinoic acid during embryonic development [Cut&Tag]
10 Anna Bigas Apr 15, 2024
Transcriptome sequencing of liver tissue in hepatocyte-specific IRF8-deficient mice (IRF8-cKO) mice and wild type (WT) mice that were subjected to warm ischemia/reperfusion(I/R) injury
6 Hongxi Wu Apr 13, 2024
Effect of Epstein-Barr Virus DNA on the Transcriptional Profile of BALB/c Mouse Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
6 Elias A. Rahal Apr 09, 2024
Transcriptome-based analysis reveals functional differences in Dendrobium officinale from different growing regions and with different quality levels
8 Honglei Dang Apr 07, 2024
Lysosome activity-dependent changes of gene expression in BMDM after LPS treatment
36 Hozumi Motohashi Apr 06, 2024
Arthritogenic SKG T cells have a transcriptional program of activation and a repertoire pruned by superantigen
28 Yang Sun Apr 05, 2024