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TCR sequencing paired with massively parallel 3′ RNA-seq reveals clonotypic T cell signatures
12 Ang Andy Tu Nov 19, 2019
10X skeletal muscle regeneration scRNA-seq
7 Shihuan Kuang Mar 25, 2020
Single Cell RNA-sequencing of murine tail interfollicular epidermis basal cells at postnatal days 7, 30 and in adult
3 Cédric Blanpain Apr 11, 2020
Single Cell RNA-sequencing of murine back skin interfollicular epidermis basal cells
6 Cedric Blanpain May 18, 2020
The orchestrated cellular and molecular responses of the kidney to endotoxin define a precise sepsis timeline
7 Takashi Hato Jun 03, 2020
Systematic analysis of IL-17 receptor signalosome reveals a robust regulatory feedback loop
12 Peter Draber Jul 06, 2020
Erythrophagocytosis drives anti-inflammatory programming of liver macrophages (Single-cell RNA-seq SPTA mac)
2 Marc Pfefferle Aug 13, 2020
Phenotypically supervised single cell sequencing parses within-cell-type heterogeneity
4 Stephanie I Fraley Oct 31, 2020
Combined BRAF, MEK and CDK4/6 inhibition depletes intratumoral immune-potentiating myeloid populations in melanoma
2 Emily Jane Lelliott Dec 02, 2020
Differences in TCR repertoire and T cell activation underlie the divergent outcomes of anti-tumor immune responses in tumor-eradicating versus tumor-progressing hosts
19 Jing Hong Wang Jan 13, 2021
Single cell Cut&Tag in the mouse brain
17 Marek Bartosovic Feb 10, 2021
Single cell analysis of the ventricular-subventricular zone reveals signatures of dorsal and ventral adult neurogenic lineages. [single whole-cell]
1 Stephanie A Redmond Feb 10, 2021
Single cell analysis of the ventricular-subventricular zone reveals signatures of dorsal and ventral adult neurogenic lineages.
5 Stephanie A Redmond Feb 10, 2021
Molecular roadmap of the healthy stress response in the mouse hippocampus (single-nucleus)
4 Lukas Matthias von Ziegler Mar 25, 2021
Multi-omic profiling of lung and liver tumor microenvironments of metastatic pancreatic cancer reveals site-specific immune-regulatory features [RNA-seq]
30 Won Jin Ho Apr 15, 2021
Integration of M. tuberculosis phenotype with single cell RNA-seq to interrogate host macrophage heterogeneity in vivo.
24 Davide Pisu Apr 28, 2021
Muscle Stem Cell Response to Perturbations of the Neuromuscular Junction Are Attenuated With Aging
9 Carlos Andres Aguilar May 06, 2021
A primed immune transcriptional program is activated in oligodendroglia in multiple sclerosis [SCATAC_10X]
7 Eneritz Agirre May 21, 2021
High-content single-cell combinatorial indexing
6 Ryan M Mulqueen May 28, 2021
Single-cell transcriptomic analysis reveals hepatic stellate cell activation roadmap and myofibroblast origin during liver fibrosis
3 Junhao Hu Jun 09, 2021