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Cytotoxic CNS-associated T cells drive axon degeneration in aging and myelin disease
3 Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba Feb 08, 2021
Effector differentiation downstream of lineage commitment in ILC1 is driven by Hobit across tissues.
1 Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba Jul 27, 2021
Lymphatic migration of unconventional T cells promotes site-specific immunity in distinct lymph nodes
6 Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba Aug 30, 2022
Opposing Wnt signals regulate cervical squamocolumnar homeostasis and emergence of metaplasia
5 Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba Dec 26, 2020
The healing myocardium mobilizes a distinct B-cell subset through a CXCL13-CXCR5-dependent mechanism
1 Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba May 29, 2021
Time series single cell transcriptomics of cardiac inflammation after myocardial infarction in mice
7 Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba Aug 18, 2020
cDC1 retain a niche for precursor exhausted T cells during chronic viral infection
4 Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba May 05, 2022
scRNA-seq of total mouse aortic cells with CITE-seq and cell Hashing
1 Antoine-Emmanuel Saliba Dec 14, 2021