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The histone demethylase JMJD2B regulates endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition
39 David John Jan 08, 2020
Regnase-1 suppresses TCF-1+ precursor exhausted T cell formation to limit CAR T cell responses against ALL
40 Hongbo Chi Apr 07, 2021
BAF complex cooperates with c-Myc to orchestrate early fate decisions of CD8 T cells
101 Douglas R Green Apr 24, 2022
Role of the histone demethylase Kdm6b/Jmjd3 in somatic cell reprogramming
57 Andrew P Hutchins Jul 22, 2020
The Dynamic Epigenetic Landscape of the Retina During Development, Reprogramming, and Tumorigenesis
868 Beisi Xu May 03, 2017
UTX and 53BP1 co-regulate genetic programs for neural differentiation of human embryonic stem cells
67 Beisi Xu Feb 15, 2019
Activation of HOTTIP lncRNA perturbs HSC function leading to AML like disease
66 Suming Huang Dec 03, 2019
HOXBLINC is aberrantly expressed in acute myeloid leukemia and functions as a potent oncogenic long non-coding RNA in leukemogenesis
40 Suming Huang Jan 27, 2021
A neutropenia-associated transcription factor mutation differentially impacts target genes in the cell-states traversed during granulocyte specification and commitment
833 H. Leighton Grimes Apr 06, 2020
CTCF Functions as an Insulator for Somatic Genes and a Structural Regulator for Pluripotent Genes during Reprogramming
187 ya wei song Apr 05, 2022
Promoter capture Hi-C identifies long-range promoter contact dynamics in response to diet and the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
46 Paul A Wade Jan 01, 2020
ChIP-seq and RNA-seq analysis of histone Kcr in the embryonic forebrain and neural stem/progenitor cells.
30 Dai Shang Kun Jun 22, 2021
A conserved noncoding locus modulates random monoallelic Xist expression across a TAD boundary
56 Nicolas Servant Dec 01, 2019
Chromatin accessibility landscape upon induction of Msgn1, Pax3 and Myf5 in mesodermal cells and identification of conserved Pax3 binding sites and target genes during skeletal myogenesis
65 Alessandro Magli Feb 26, 2019
Genome-wide methyl-cytosine competition by DNMT and TET
42 Jocelyn Charlton Apr 21, 2020
Histone 3 K9 and K27 acetylation of enhancers in response to thyroid hormone
56 Lars Grøntved Jul 01, 2019
Combined Cohesin-Runx1 Deficiency Synergistically Perturbs Chromatin Looping and Causes Myelodysplastic Syndromes
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Yotaro Ochi Apr 07, 2020
Escape of hair follicle stem cells from a defective niche
16 Chi Zhang Sep 30, 2021
Histone H2AK119 Mono-Ubiquitination is Essential for Polycomb-Mediated Transcriptional Repression
99 Diego Pasini Dec 26, 2019
Topoisomerase 1 Nicking-dependent HP1gamma Engagement Mediates Acute Activation of Phase-separated Enhancers
167 Yuliang Tan Aug 04, 2022