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Pervasive nuclear envelope ruptures precede ECM signaling and disease onset without activating cGAS-STING in Lamin-cardiomyopathy mice [mRNA-seq]
46 Kohta Ikegami Apr 26, 2024
Osteoblast-intrinsic defect in glucose metabolism impairs bone formation in type II diabetic male mice.
2 Fanxin Long May 15, 2023
A gastruloid model of the interaction between embryonic and extra-embryonic cell types
6 Stefan Semrau Jun 16, 2022
Aberrant accumulation of Kras-dependent pervasive transcripts during tumor progression renders cancer cells dependent on PAF1 expression
20 Xiangzheng Liu Nov 01, 2023
Mechanotransduction mediated by cyclical respiratory motion maintains lung alveolar epithelial cell fate
11 Michael Patrick Morley May 01, 2024
Planar cell polarity proteins mediate ketamine-induced restoration of glutamatergic synapses in prefrontal cortical neurons in a mouse model for chronic stress
20 Andiara Espindola de Freitas Jun 20, 2024
"Stripe" transcription factors provide accessibility to co-binding partners in mammalian genomes.
476 Yongbing Zhao Jul 21, 2022
"Youthful" Phenotype of c-Kit+ Cardiac Fibroblasts [DDR2_cKit]
5 Oscar E Echeagaray Nov 18, 2021
'Mitogen-Induced Defective Mitosis Transforms Neural Progenitor Cells
6 Gregory Cairncross Jun 28, 2023
(2R,6R)-Hydroxynorketamine restores postsynaptic localization of AMPAR in the prelimbic cortex to provide sustained pain relief
9 JIN TINGTING Nov 14, 2022
(Pro)renin receptor inhibition reduces plasma cholesterol and triglycerides but does not attenuate atherosclerosis in atherosclerotic mice
3 lu xi feng Mar 01, 2024
0.1 Terahertz irradiation alleviates rheumatoid arthritis and exerts immunomodulatory effects in CIA mice
9 Qi Zhang Jun 20, 2024
10X Gemonics Single-cell RNA sequence of ovaries at P1,P14,W8,M8 and M12
9 Wenjie Shu Dec 31, 2022
10X Genomics single-cell RNAseq combined with CRISPR tiling of Dot1l in mouse MLL-AF9 leukemia
2 LU YANG Jun 02, 2021
10X Visium Spatial transcriptomics of murine colon at d14 (mucosa healing) in B cell sufficient/deficient mice
2 Ludvig Ale Larsson Dec 10, 2021
10X Visium Spatial transcriptomics of murine colon in steady state and during recovery after DSS colitis
2 Ludvig Ale Larsson Dec 05, 2021
10X genomics scRNA-seq of testicular THY1+ cells in adult C57 mice
4 Cheng Jin Aug 21, 2023
10X genomics single-cell RNA sequencing of the testicular Thy1+ spermatogonia in Foxc2f/+ and Foxc2f/-;Ddx4-cre mice
8 Cheng Jin Aug 21, 2023
10X single-cell RNA-seq profiling of T cells from the pancreas, pancreatic lymph nodes, and blood of NOD mice with spontaneous or anti-PD-1-induced Type 1 Diabetes
27 Jenna Lynn Collier Jul 05, 2023
10X single-cell RNA-sequencing profiling of hepatic non-parenchymal cells from LPS or PBS-administrated Hlj1 knockout and littermate wild-type mice.
4 Sung-Liang Yu Sep 02, 2022