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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterPlatform: GPL24247 Remove filterDec 31, 2022
Dynamic brain cell changes after middle cerebral artery occlusion revealed by massive single cell RNAseq
11 Weihong Ge Dec 31, 2022
Epigenetic signals that direct cell type specific interferon beta response in mouse cells
221 Markus Muckenhuber Dec 31, 2022
Transcriptome analysis of gene expression in young and aged oocyte samples (RNA-Seq)
17 Wenjie Shu Dec 31, 2022
Single-cell profiling unravels bone marrow stromal remodeling driven by leptin receptor-expressing mesenchymal precursors in myelofibrosis
4 Lei Ding Dec 31, 2022
Wnt signaling promotes cell caudalization and inner ear differentiation in mouse stem cell-derived organoids
9 Pei-Ciao Tang Dec 31, 2022
Single-cell RNA-seq of Fibroadipogenic progenitors from WT and Dysferlin KO mice
8 Gustavo Nino Dec 31, 2022
IL-4 induced non-canonical trained immunity in murine BMDMs
8 Qingxiang Gao Dec 31, 2022
Effect of Compound Edaravone on Experimental Autoimmune Encephalitis Mice Lumbar Spinal Cord
6 Shuang Song Dec 31, 2022
Epigenetic profiling of microglia-specific gene transcription and chromatin accessibility in mouse forebrain after chronic mild stress
12 Yan Jiang Dec 31, 2022
Mononuclear phagocytes in neonatal Peyer's patches
8 Mathias W. Hornef Dec 31, 2022
Single nucleus analysis of brain tissues from DAP12 loss-of-function (KΔ75) mice
8 Yingyue Zhou Dec 31, 2022
Single nucleus analysis of early onset dementia caused by DAP12 deficiency reveals a unique DAP12-independent microglia response at late stage of disease
24 Yingyue Zhou Dec 31, 2022
Integrin α5 neutralization in Bone Marrow Macrophages to examine its signaling role in macrophage responses relevant following myocardial infarction
12 Silvia C Hernandez Dec 31, 2022
The role of α5 Integrin in regulating macrophage phenotype and function during cardiac remodeling after myocardial infarction
6 Silvia C Hernandez Dec 31, 2022
Macrophage-specific alfa5 integrin signaling protects the infarcted heart from adverse remodeling, by stimulating angiogenesis
18 Silvia C Hernandez Dec 31, 2022
The role of aV Integrin in regulating macrophage phenotype and function during cardiac remodeling after myocardial infarction
12 Silvia C Hernandez Dec 31, 2022
Phenotypic skewing of tumor-associated macrophages by cooperative actions of IL-6 and IL-4 in IFN-stimulated differentiating monocytes
15 Yuyan Zhang Dec 31, 2022
Analysis of differentiatng monocytes transcriptome changes in response to type I IFNs
12 Limin Yang Dec 31, 2022
Estrogen-related receptor beta differentially regulates target genes through diverse interactions with DNA, TFIIH, and coactivators
26 Tomoyoshi Nakadai Dec 31, 2022
scRNAseq of the PDAC tumors from autochtonous KPC mice treated with vehicle or IRAK4 inhibitor CA-4948
4 Kian-Huat Lim Dec 31, 2022